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Calum Petrie reviews Dark Nights with Poe and Munro…


D’avekki Studios has a very impressive lineup of FMV games under their belt. This studio first noticed when a verification code was sent to me Shapeshifting detective, a charming and atmospheric game about murder and deception. After that, I was interested in another title Doctor Dekker’s contagious madness, which is an amazing journey in mind to the madness of a group of patients, and last year they released a kind of preface Shapeshifting detective deserved Dark nights with Poe and Munro.

Poe and Munro are two radio presenters in an imaginary town in August, located somewhere in the English countryside in the middle of large radio reception areas. This new game features six short stories, all of which can be played in one 3/4 hour game session, which never puts it in the category of the longest games ever created. While the adventures range from confusingly bizarre to racing against the clock to save lives, the whole game isn’t your typical adventure; if you are waiting for TellTale Games, you may be in shock.


Dig deep into the core Dark nights with Poe and Munro is to get to know two names, a couple of local radio legends who try to stay in the air forever and do only what they love. However, the inferiority of Poe and Munro’s sexual tension gets “orchard them, don’t they” moments throughout the story that allows the player to deal with the moral conflict of infidelity. This last sentence alone is probably not what you expected from this strange but heartfelt title.

In the main game mechanics of the game, the player must either press a button to fill the meter or select a specific option on the screen. Display options can sometimes be on a timer, which means that the issue is urgent and may have other consequences.

Another mechanic is the push of a button, but it’s never entirely clear what players should do. I would have liked the button prompt to have been a slightly different pulse violently to indicate the need to tolerate the buttons on the controller; however, this is one of the few complaints I have about this title.


Earlier in the review, the game has an FMV title, which means it’s fully filmed with the help of actors and edited together like a TV show with interactive choices. The game was created with open auditions for actors, which gave people a great opportunity to raise their portfolios, their presence and get their faces there. Nonetheless, there are a couple of performances where acting may provoke criticism from people expecting an Oscar-worthy actor from every person on screen.

The visual quality of this game is quite excellent and the quality of shooting and editing has been done very well. It is very similar to titles like Night shift who make a very similar experience, giving the impression of an interactive film. Poe and Munro feels more like a weird TV show that never apologizes for being charming, a little tongue in your cheek, and interesting enough for you to want to see until the end of the six episodes.

Something I absolutely loved Shapeshifting detective who has gotten into this game is a great opening factor. These stunning hanging color balls make Currys ’OLED display something. The game results really aren’t forgettable as I write this review, I’ve had the game pause listening to great piano music, which is something soothing but distressing. A perfect accompaniment to the overall tone of the games, a gentle melody that gives us a brief overview of the strange and macaroni moments that fill the game from start to finish.


The differences from the gaming computer to the console port were not significant enough to really be noticed. The game is mostly enjoyed in a journey where we have to use a knife hole of excitement to cut the background colors of sexual tension and only then are we completely immersed in this wonderful title.

I always dictated playing in the studio on Twitter Shapeshifting detective mentioned about Poe and Munro podcast. Then when an independent game involving both was announced, I doubled my effort. I’m not sure if this is the only reason for their actual episode in podcasting apps, but I’d like to thank Klemens Koehring and Leah Cunard spend time re-presenting their roles to entertain the next one they have ended up with.

Dark nights with Poe and Munro is a very pleasant experience, and I would love to see more hijinks from this dynamic duo. I understand that the talented team at D’Avekki Studios has more big and bold stories to entertain us, but if they include Poe and Munro, they’ll probably always have a fan in me.


  • Strange and charming actor
  • Short comics
  • Fun and witty writing


  • Button prompts are not always clear or give you enough time
  • It can be difficult to get involved unless it has been played in a previous game

Rating – 9/10

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