Virgin Galactic will reopen ticket sales at $ 450,000 per seat


Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic will reopen ticket sales for its SpaceShipTwo, the space travel agency announced in its second-quarter earnings announcement on Thursday. Price: $ 450,000.

The ticket opening opens to the edge of space for Branson’s successful flight on the SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic’s flagship space travel, capable of carrying four passengers at an altitude of about 53 miles due to a few minutes of weightlessness. This mission, called Unity 22, was a key milestone test for the rocket aircraft before Virgin began flying to individual customers sometime next year.

“Taking advantage of the increase in consumer interest following the Unity 22 flight, we are pleased to announce that sales will reopen today, starting with our Spacefarer community,” Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier said in a statement. “As we strive to bring the miracle of space to a wide global population, we are excited to open the door to a whole new industry and consumer experience.”

The company plans for September for its first revenue-generating mission, it said in a statement. Mission Unity 23 will carry the research payload and three members of the Italian Air Force. Virgin has said it already has about 600 ticket holders. Ticket sales for individual customers were closed for the year fatal accident in 2014 during the test flight.

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