Vivo Y12s, Oppo A53, A15, Infinix Smart 5: Is the low-budget mobile market losing progress?


Vivo Y12s player

It’s been two weeks and a few days since 2021. We’ve seen a few releases already this year. Vivo Y12s is one of the latest additions to the official Bangladeshi market. But its features have let us down. We didn’t expect anything from the immediate release of the Vivo as they have been constantly releasing some balanced smaller phones that are beyond Xiaom and beyond. But if you just go through its features, there is nothing new compared to what was seen last year. Similar design, display, camera and performance. We have a 5W reverse charge as a new feature that is behind the lower budget phones. But it is nothing significant and by no means innovative.

Not just Vivo, the latest releases from Oppo Oppo A53 and A15 were also disappointing for mobile nerds and enthusiasts. We have seen major marketing and publishing events from Oppo. But when it comes to technical terms, they are not making any progress, especially in the lower and middle level.

Infinix just released Smart 5 On BD, which was released in August last year. It also appears to be at a lower level compared to previous Infinix releases. Infinix Hot 9 Play was such a competitive device. If you compare it to the newer Smart 5, you may not want to choose Smart 5 instead of Hot 9 Play.

Nevertheless, the higher-middle-class, flagship and flagship-killer industry is growing, and we are seeing more and more competitive and innovative technical data. The high-end Vivo V20 was one of our favorites last year. The Oppo Reno 3 Pro also did quite well. OnePlus Nord, the iPhone 12 series gives hope. But in the low-end market, Xiaomi and Realme remain the only real players. Last Xiaomi Poco M3 and Realme Narzo 20 are proof of that.


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