Vodafone’s latest UK operator reintroduces roaming charges in Europe after Brexit


Vodafone has announced that it will reintroduce roaming charges In Europe for UK mobile phone customers from January next year. It is the latest air carrier in the United Kingdom to reintroduce charges after the country has left the European Union and will follow a similar U-translation from EE in June. All major airlines in the country previously said they had no intention of introducing roaming charges in Europe after the Brexit vote.

The fees apply to all Vodafone customers who sign or amend their contract 11. from August 2021. Payments are effective January 6, 2022. The cost depends on the specific plan, but most customers pay £ 2 ($ 2.77) a day to use the UK call, SMS and data credit in Europe or £ 1 a day if access is purchased in eight or 15 day packages.

Customers who have signed up for Vodafone’s “Unlimited Data Xtra Plan with 4 Xtra Benefits” or “Limited Data Xtra Plan with 4 Xtra Benefits” will not pay an additional fee to use the compensation they receive in the UK in Europe. Not all Vodafone UK customers traveling to the Republic of Ireland, an EU Member State, are required to pay roaming charges regardless of the agreement. Complete information on new payment plans can be can be found here.

Roaming charges were deleted in the European Union June 2017, but after the UK voted to secede from the EU, it had to renegotiate its trade agreements. These did not include free roaming, so UK operators can re-introduce charges if they wish.

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