Walmart is deploying Amazon, Roku and Apple with very affordable in-house streaming devices


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Walmart is deploying Amazon, Roku and Apple with very affordable in-house streaming devices

You’re relieved that you forgot or never knew about this, but Walmart has been selling a whole bunch of (affordable) merchandise under its own Onn (stylized “happ.”) Brand for several years.

We’re talking everything from smart TVs to crazy cheap real wireless earbuds, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, microSD cards, different types of charging accessories and maybe especially (at least to this day), Android tablet want to give Amazon’s incredibly popular Fire lineup their money to run in the low and mid-range market segment.

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Priced at just $ 29.88, the company’s rookie effort in this very full and competitive space dramatically reduces everything from Amazon’s $ 50 Fire TV Stick 4K to $ 50 Chromecast on Google TV and Roku’s 4K-compatible Streaming Stick + service, which normally pays, you guessed , 50 bucks.

Perhaps even more impressive, the hot new UHD streaming box manages to be cheaper than the Fire TV Stick (3rd generation) released by Amazon in 2021, when it matches the normal price of Google’s entry-level Chromecast, Roku Express and Fire TV Stick Lite.

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None of these four competing devices can deliver 4K UHD content other than on your 4K UHD-enabled TV, which of course gives Walmart an important advantage when it comes to targeted cash-in video streaming.

Of course, there’s no reason to compare the incredible affordability of the Onn Android TV UHD streaming device to the Apple TV family, which costs just $ 149 for the HD model only. Therefore, for what it’s worth, Apple has long been rumored to be cooking its own low-cost streaming sticks, although while it does exist, we’re pretty sure it won’t start at $ 30.

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Speaking of rods, Walmart has an onn-branded streaming device in that form, which is almost ready to release online even at an even lower starting price of $ 24.88 with Full HD video support only.

Both the UHD box and the FHD stick are set to include a handy remote control that has its own Google Assistant, Netflix, YouTube, Disney +, and HBO Max buttons as standard, telling you everything you need to know about the most important supported services and apps right out of the box (or on a stick).