Walmart is looking for someone to develop cryptocurrency products


Walmart plans to hire a new senior director to develop new digital currency products, possibly including cryptocurrency payments. listing from the company’s site site (through Bloomberg). The movement reflects a similar interest as Walmart’s sworn enemy Amazon, which wants hire someone to obtain cryptocurrency products.

The new Walmart CEO position will serve as the company’s “cryptocurrency and digital currency product manager,” responsible for “developing a digital currency strategy and product roadmap”. Among other tasks, the list says that this new role will also focus on “identifying”[ing] cryptographic investments and partnerships ”, suggesting that Walmart may also buy its way into existing cryptocurrency companies.

This should not be too surprising. Although Amazon disputed the allegations it prepared to accept Bitcoin payments – while reiterating its interest in encryption – in encryption currencies and the blockchain in general has had a moment during a pandemic.

Is there a rise in blockchain-linked collectibles such as NFTs (non-replaceable characters, Do you remember them?) or large theater chains such as AMC decides to accept encryption fees People seem to be very interested in playing with speculative digital resources so that they can attract a new, very online audience. Walmart and Amazon may just make sure their bases are covered, but the future where they will accept alternative payment methods also seems increasingly likely.

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