Want To Be a Microsoft Azure Certified Professional In 2022? Read This

In today’s competitive digital world, knowledge of cloud computing and certified professionals in this field are most sought after. Of all the technologies, cloud computing has been the fastest to be adopted. An IDC report states that the total money spent on Cloud computing will be nearly $500 billion in 2023 from $229 billion in 2019. Many huge names, including Microsoft, IBM, AWS, Google, have expanded this field. Microsoft Azure is one of the market leaders in the overall cloud market. 

 Azure certification helps you grow professionally and aids the organization that you work at to be an emerging leader in technology. This article gives a brief about the Microsoft Azure certification and some tips to crack the fundamental exam.

Introduction About Azure

Azure is the platform for cloud computing and related services built by Microsoft. It essentially builds, tests, deploys and manages applications and services through Microsoft.

It helps in bringing all the functions and stakeholders to one place. It provides 

  • Software as Services (SaaS)
  • Platform as Services (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as Services (IaaS)

Microsoft Azure Certifications – Pathways

Microsoft Azure Certification has essentially three levels 

  1. Foundation 
  2. Associate 
  3. Expert

Azure Fundamentals – Az 900 Exam

Azure fundamentals are the basis of the Microsoft certifications. It tests your knowledge of cloud concepts and Azure concepts, techniques. It is an opportunity to prove your strength in the core concepts of cloud computing. 


There are no prerequisites as such to take the exam. It is considered as the base. It is an added advantage if you are familiar with the concepts of general technology, networking, storage, compute, application support, and development. This is ideal for you if you are just beginning your career in cloud computing. It can be attempted by individuals from non-technical backgrounds too.

 Az 900 Exam Topics

The syllabus for this Microsoft Cloud certification exam is as follows.

S.No Topic Weightage
1 Cloud Concepts 15% to 20%
2 Core Azure Services 30% to 35%
3 Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust 25% to 30%
4 Pricing and Support of Azure 20% to 25%


Exam Structure

The exam for Azure certifications has 40 to 60 questions. Most of them are in the form of MCQs. Other questions include case studies, short answers, drag, and drop. The passing score is 700. The results are known within a few minutes of attempting the exam. 

Certification Cost

The Azure certification cost is specific to the region. In the US, the cost of the exam is $99. Members of the Microsoft Imagine Academy program, Microsoft Partner Network program, certified trainers, and students have specific discounts.

Retake Policy

If the candidate fails, they must wait 24 hours before retaking the exam. The exam can be retaken only after 14 days if they fail again. A maximum of 5 repetitions can be taken in a year.

Tips To Crack the Exam

We have jotted down a few tips to ace the Azure certification exam

  •      Online Learning: Azure certification training can be taken online. Many institutes offer it. Microsoft’s learning portal also has a section dedicated to Azure exams.
  •      Books or Periodicals:A reliable book goes a long way in helping to score high in the Azure exam. Microsoft’s books are handy in this aspect. Research and ask peers for suggestions on the book names.
  •      Practice exams:Just as how we used to take practice exams for other exams, in a similar fashion, simulators can be used to practice for this exam. There are many websites that claim to be the best simulators. Again, you must research and see the reviews before attempting them. 
  •      Study Groups:You can join a forum or a popular study group to discuss and prepare for the exams. Doubts can be raised and cleared. 

To Conclude

Azure certification is a game-changer in your career growth. Being a certified Azure professional opens many opportunities and pushes you to scalable heights in your chosen profession. Cloud is essential in today’s scenario, and it is there to stay. Thus, being certified by the industry leader in this domain is always a big plus. Your career should be the most important part of your life this is why the Azure certification is a reliable stepping stone.

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