Watch Samsung’s new collapsible, sliding, portable monitors in action (VIDEO)


The first fold that we see in the video is the S-fold, which can be folded twice and when it opens completely, it creates a 7.2-inch screen. In the video, we see that it is used with a folding device placed on the dock to create an alarm clock with the time and temperature on the user’s face. The user swipes the screen to unlock the device, which becomes a great multifunction tool, and the S-fold can be folded up and stored in the pocket of the user’s shirt.
The UPC Under Panel screen shows how Samsung plans to minimize the frame and maximize the screen with a foldable 17-inch screen. The monitor is used on a laptop, and you should see how thin the top of the device is on a device that also includes virtual keyboards, Dark Mode, and true-to-life colors.

The Samsung screen also showed a sliding screen that horizontally expands the screen to expand it. The portable screen can receive content from your handset by swiping it to a larger screen with your hand. And by using 7.5% less blue light than traditional OLED panels, Samsung OLED is less harmful to your eyes.

Exhibition week 2021 lasts this Friday.


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