10 Mind-Blowing Secrets of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Revealed! 

Epic Team-Up

Godzilla and Kong will join forces against a world-ending threat.

New Evil Titan 

Introduction of an evil member of Kong’s species.

Hollow Earth Exploration

Deeper look into the Hollow Earth world.

Ancient Titan War Mysteries

Uncovering the history of the ancient Titan War.

Origins of Skull Island

Revealing the mysteries of Skull Island's origins.

Return of Titanus Doug

The popular Hollow Earth creature Titanus Doug returns.

Kong’s Royal Title

Kong earns his "King Kong" title in the Hollow Earth.

Kong’s New Power

Kong may harness Godzilla's energy.

New Toho Kaiju Debut

Introduction of a new monster from Toho's library.

Modern-Day Titan War 

The film sets the stage for a massive Titan War.