Jason Statham's Epic Return: Unraveling 'The Beekeeper

Introducing Jason Statham's New Movie

Jason Statham stars as Mr. Clay, a retired operative, seeking justice.

Director David Ayer Takes the Helm

Directed by David Ayer, known for his work in "Fury."

Mark Your Calendar - January 12, 2024

Release date: January 12, 2024, on the big screen.

An Action-Packed National Conspiracy

A thrilling action movie with a national conspiracy at its core.

Mr. Clay - From Beekeeper to Vigilante

Statham's character, Clay, becomes a vigilante pest controller.

The Beekeepers - Guardians of Justice

An elite organization known as "Beekeepers" plays a crucial role.

An Impressive Star-Studded Cast

A star-studded cast, including Jeremy Irons and Minnie Driver.

A Powerful Phishing Operation Unveiled

A powerful phishing operation sets the story in motion.

Catch "The Beekeeper" Exclusively in Theaters

MGM exclusively releases "The Beekeeper" in theaters.

Introducing Jason Statham's New Movie

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