Meet Skar King: The Fearsome New Villain in Godzilla x Kong!

Upcoming Movie 

"Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire" is the next movie in the MonsterVerse series.

Main Villain 

The main villain of the film is Skar King, a new ape foe.

Skar King's Size 

Skar King is larger and lankier than King Kong, with red fur.

Villain's Origin 

Skar King is an original character not from Toho, the company behind Godzilla.

Skar King's Debut 

This movie marks Skar King's first appearance in any film.

Threat Level 

Skar King is portrayed as a significant threat, requiring Godzilla and Kong to team up.

Hollow Earth 

Skar King is from the Hollow Earth, ruling over other Kongs there.

Skar King's Power 

He is powerful, bigger than Kong, and may have a Kong army.

Potential Conflict 

There's a hint of a battle between Skar King's army and Godzilla and Kong.

Unknown History 

Skar King's past and reasons for fighting are not fully known.