Top 10 Private Jet Companies Revealed!

Wheels Up

* On-demand private aviation with Delta Air Lines. * Membership-based, offering discounts and Delta SkyMiles.

Villiers Jets

* London-based luxury jet charters. * Free membership, instant bookings via dedicated agent.

Jet Linx

* Founded in 1999, with 800 aircraft and 5,000 global airports. * Private terminals, partnerships for exclusive services.

Private Jet Finder

* Irish charter for CEOs, providing quick jet availability. * Global network, safety ensured with experienced operators.


* Malta-based with 360+ jets in 187 countries. * Jet Card membership, private jets for medical purposes.

Stratos Jet Charters

* Over a decade of expertise, global network. * Membership model with guaranteed rates and availability..


* Formerly XOJET, flexible on-demand charters globally. *  Fleet of 180+ owned jets, mobile repair team for maintenance.


* Established in 1964, specializing in fractional ownership. * Options for fractional ownership, leases, and jet cards.


* UK-based, offering flexible access to 7,000+ private jets. * Jet card program with personalized service and fixed rates.


* New but affordable private jet service. *  Partnerships with United Airlines and JetBlue, pet-friendly.