Western Horror Skinwalker gets a trailer and a poster


OFFICIAL-TRAILER -_- Skinwalker-2021-0-48-screenshot-600x338

Prior to the release and trailer in July, online author Robert Conway’s Western Horror has arrived online. Skinwalker who sees a hunter escaping a deforming demon when plundering an indigenous cemetery; take a look here.


After looting the Native American cemetery, the hunter lets the legendary Skinwalker, a demon of transformation, into the evil world. Formerly considered a legend, only the ancient evil returns from the grave to receive terrible revenge on all those who are lucky enough to cross their path.

Skinwalker stars Eva Hamilton, Cameron Kotecki, Amelia Haberman, Dan Higgins, Daniel Link, Charlie E Motley, Edward Rodriguez, Nathaniel Burns, Liz Manning, Victorio Pope, Jeff Yazzie and Becky Jo Harris.

Skinwalker is set for On Demand and DVD releases on July 13th.

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