What are the Easiest Ways to Become a Vegetarian

Do you know who a vegetarian is? As the name suggests, a vegetarian is someone who doesn’t eat anything related to meat. Some vegetarians don’t even use the products related to dairy or meat, no matter how many benefits it has. All vegetarians eat foods that are derived from plants like grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. They strictly prohibit the use of meat in their lives. Many people adopt the life of being a vegetarian out of respect for the different animals being slaughtered.

Vegetarians Around the World

What are the Easiest Ways to Become a Vegetarian

It is estimated that a total of 1.5 billion people around the globe are vegetarians. This is a number that is expected to prosper in the coming years. Out of all the vegetarians, 1450 million people are those who cannot afford meat. The remaining 75 million people are vegetarians by choice. Out of all the countries on the globe, India is the country with the most vegetarians. 37% of the population of India is vegetarian.  The  Portuguese fruit salad is one of the foods that is preferred by vegetarians because of its countless benefits and balancing the need for nutrients that are usually present in this salad.

The Essential Steps for Being a Vegetarian

Taking small steps are crucial to being a vegetarian. Some of these steps include:

  1. Adding more grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits to your diet. It is the foundation for being a vegetarian.
  2. Cutting the fat is very important. As we know that meat provides us with a lot of proteins but it also contributes to the fat content in our bodies. To be a vegetarian, one needs to avoid fats as much as possible.
  3. Consumption of junk foods must be avoided. Being a vegetarian means having a license to not eat junk foods at all. Try to eat nuts and vegetables more often.
  4. The intake of beans is an eternal part of the life of a vegetarian. They are the perfect meat substitute and have a lot of benefits.
  5. Limiting foods that are high in salt and sugar is a must-follow rule. Both of these have many adverse effects on the human body.

Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian has many benefits. A vegetarian’s diet helps the human body in many ways and it also helps the wildlife to flourish without any difficulties.  The diet of a vegetarian protects them from many diseases. According to a study, vegetarians end up in hospitals due to other reasons and not due to heart diseases. This proves how our heart is at ease when we follow a vegetarian diet. High fibre whole grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits make sure that we do not suffer from any heart disease. According to research, it is said that following a vegetarian diet helps significantly in the prevention of cancer. A vegan diet is found to be much more protective against female-specific cancer. 

Following a healthy vegetarian diet prevents type II diabetes and also is a useful component against a person who is having diabetes. Not only this, but a healthy vegetarian diet has also proved to be successful in eradicating the illness that is connected with diabetes from the human body. For quite a long time, scientists thought that eating meat would cause blood pressure to remain low. However, as the world progressed and knowledge increased , it is now clear that eating meat is dangerous and a vegetarian diet must be followed to stay in the best shape. Plant-based foods are found to be lower in fats, sodium, and cholesterol which has a positive effect on our blood Fpressure.  

On the other hand, consumption of animal food causes the deficiency of minerals in our bones by 35%. Intake of plant-related foods causes the mineral deficiency in our bones to be as low as 18% only.

Adverse Effects Of being a Vegetarian

Before going full vegetarian, some side effects need to be looked upon. The first of them is the risk of stroke. According to a study in England, the people who followed vegetarian diets had more risk of having a stroke compared to those who eat meat. 

Cutting out the intake of meat may lead to low energy in our bodies. As meat provides a lot of energy, not eating it will cause us to remain tired and lazy. Missing an important source of iron causes our bones to become weak, putting them at risk of fracturing more easily. Less consumption of meat-related products has a significant effect on the cholesterol level in the human body. Fewer cholesterol levels for a long time might lead to death. 

Not eating meat at all will cause the omega-3 level in our body to reduce which is not something that a fit and healthy person would want. Omega-3 plays an important role in our body and not eating it will put our body in an alarming situation.


Being a vegetarian is up to the person. The decision of converting to veganism should be done by looking upon the drawbacks of being a vegetarian and levelling them with their benefits. Having a balanced diet should be more preferred as it provides the human with everything that is needed to stay fit and healthy.

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