What Are the Reasons & Reactions of Foods Insecurity – Top Key Reasons & Reactions

Not everyone has the approach to an environment that enables them to consume healthy food every day. It is necessary for a human being to consume the required number of nutrients every day to survive. According to science, the appropriate number of calories intake is 2000 for women and 2500 for men. Consuming calories less than this amount can cause diseases and other impacts on health. One of the most common food consumption diseases is food insecurity. Know that food insecurity is not having the means to healthy food for several reasons. It also means not having a healthy amount of food to consume. 

Know that food insecurity only includes not being able to consume nutritious food. Many people also tend to choose frozen junk food from the walk in commercial freezer because of the shortage of time, which is not a healthy decision. The percentage of food insecurity is increasing as time pass. According to a recent survey, around 30 percent of the population is affected by food insecurity. Almost 10% of this quota is suffering from severe food insecurity conditions. According to these statistics, we can tell that food insecurity is a dangerous health issue. The food insecurity ratio increased when the coronavirus was at its peak. In 2020, around 800 million people did not have an approach to nutritious and healthy food. 

Food insecurity is a serious issue since it affects people in large amounts. Know that food insecurity can further cause many other illnesses. Institutions such as United Nations, World Health Organization, and Governments are trying to control food insecurity worldwide. It is a must to know about the statistics relating to food insecurity. The first thing that we need to know is the causes of food insecurity. Without knowing the reasons for any disease, it is impossible to control it. The next thing we need to know is the effects of the disease. Below we have mentioned the key reasons and reactions to food insecurity.



The integral and most common cause of food insecurity is poverty. Most people who suffer from food insecurity state that the significant cause of this issue is not having enough money. Low-income individuals will have less money to buy healthy food items. The other reasons for food insecurity are also indirectly or directly related to poverty. It is necessary to control poverty in the economy to control food insecurity.

Less Availability of farming lands:

It is a fact that food is grown and produced on land. There can be many situations where there is no farming land, and the approachable area is inadequate for sufficient food growth. As a result, the food growth rate will decrease, and people will not be able to consume nutritious food.


In the 21st century, the birth rate is higher than the death rate. The death rate is 7.64 per thousand, and the birth rate is 17.76 per thousand. The difference in both rates tells us that the world is dealing with an overpopulation crisis. During overpopulation, the people will be more compared to the food items. It means that people will not have sufficient access to healthy food, which leads to food insecurity.

Wartimes and conflicts:  

Times of war and conflicts can affect the food supply in a country or a city. During times of violence, there are high chances of food insecurity. The food supply will be less, and the demand will be more. There will not be enough food to distribute equally among people.

Another cause of food insecurity is an unequal distribution of food. Many people worldwide have access to more than an adequate amount of food. Food wastage is also a result of this issue. On the other hand, many people do not have sufficient food. Unequal distribution leads to food insecurity and hunger.


Chronic Diseases in children:

Food insecurity impacts children and kids the most. Know that children need enough nutrition for proper growth. When healthy food is not available, there will be chances of deficiencies. Many children also suffer from fatal diseases such as diabetes. Food insecurity can also cause anemia and asthma in kids. Know that it can result in immediate hospitalization of children. Children who suffer from food insecurities will have fewer chances for social interactions.

Weak Immune System:  

We all need enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to have a strong body. Know that the best source of these nutrients is healthy food items. Healthy food includes vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, and whole wheat. People will have a weak immune system when they do not consume enough nutritious food. A weak immune system means diseases will attack your body and dominate.

Increase in food prices:  

During food insecurity situations, there is less food supply and high demand. Know that when demand is high, food prices will increase. It can make the food more expensive and less affordable to purchase. We have mentioned before that deficiency of money is also one of the causes of food insecurity. The items will become costly, and food insecurity will also increase because of inflation.

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