What if…? is a playful extension of the Marvel multiverse


Marvelin What if…? is the first of its kind in many ways for the MCU. It is the first animated project online for movies and TV shows that Marvel Studios has built over the past decade.

Instead of focusing on a specific character or story, What if…? is an anthology series that explores a variety of alternative universes and realities derived from Marvel’s established films and performances. And that action-animation series is a refreshing and fun break from bite-sized superhero scams after years of hard movies and performances.

Light spoilers What if…?, Logand MCU are as follows

The kindness of Marvel Studios

Flexibility was one of the most exciting things in the series, says editor-in-chief AC Bradley Limit. “Let me write them all? “she remembers reacting when she was offered the show.” Because so often women are allowed to write female heroes and colored people can write people of colored heroes, while white men are allowed to write what they want. So the fact that I’m really going to write Doctor Strange and Iron Man and Killmonger – it was a dream. And I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. “

For example, one episode re-imagines Captain America: First Revenge Peggy Carter received the Super Solider Serum in place of Steve Rogers; the other sees Yondu accidentally snatching T’Challa from Wakanda instead of Peter Quill as Star Lord. Other episodes seen in the trailer depict the world of Marvel zombies or Iron Mania Black Panther villain Killmonger.

That is one of the biggest benefits What if…?an animated format that made it possible to tell stories without considering (as much) places, CGI effects, the availability of actors, and the laws of practical physics that limit live-action descriptions. “[Animation] is a little more liberating in the sense that we go to this place, this place, this place – as long as we manage our time properly enough where we can create and paint and draw those things, design them, we can do it, ”explains What if…? directed by Bryan Andrews.

However, some ideas were too far away even in the early stages What if…?. “There was definitely some stuff that was … down the road,” Andrews says. “Because at first [Marvel Studios] were like, “Yeah, go to what you have?” And we’re like “here” and they say, “Yeah, this is all great … Some of these we might be able to do later?” “The goal of the first season, he explains, was to try to keep things inside the ball field of the current MCU.” They just wanted to play it a little closer, you know, by spinning moments we clearly know or can identify. ”

The kindness of Marvel Studios

One thing fans don’t see What if…? – at least for the time being – is there any complex deposition after the actions of Loki and Sylvi at the end of the season Log. This for two reasons. The most practical is that What if…? started production even before Loki thanks to the longer runway of the animation. But the creative team also wanted to avoid tying the new series too much.

“In the beginning, we had a couple of meetings to discuss what the rules of the multiverse are,” Bradley explains. “I took a step back and thought I was just going to have fun. I’m not going to write any rules that come to TVA. We don’t have an observer with Morbius yet. We just show Marvel and the fans all the weird and wild places the multiverse can go and inspire them about it. “

That doesn’t mean it What if…? and its alternative universe taking on classic characters like Captain Carter may not show up in future live-action-Marvel projects. “That [decision] belongs to someone with a higher salary, “Bradley jokes.” That would be great, “Andrews adds.

The kindness of Marvel Studios

But even though What if…?the characters do not immediately appear in the upcoming film or Log period, it has an impact on the wider MCU. Andrews mentioned that Dr. Strange in the diversity of madness the team looked What if…?takes on the character when the live-action movie was developed. “And maybe they were a little inspired,” Andrews says. “I want to think they were.”

What if…? starts streaming today on Disney Plus.

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