What is a Free Fire Advance Server Download Apk and The Important steps to Download it

Are you the one who is looking for the best battle royal games to check your shooting mettle?

The Free fire advance game is for you, but it is not as simple to join as it seems.  If you want to know more about it, then you have stumbled at the right place. A new advanced version of the free fire game that has launched this September with some OB36 advanced server apk files is quite trickier to know You will get all the important information about the Free fire advanced server download APK in this article. 

All the information including login details, activation code, and VPN-related facts are given in this article.

What is a Free fire Advance Server? 

Free Fire advance servers are the special server used to check the functionality of the game by the developers. In order to play on the free fire advance server, you need to get a free fire advance server activation code from the developers, and that will not be so easy to get.

Free fire Advance Server Activation Code

Multiple sites claim to make that code available for you. You should get that code from an authentic source or the official website of Gerena free fire website. You can also check the latest updated version of the game on this site.

The team of the free-fire gama developers handed out codes to some selected people who are eligible to play with this server. Whenever any other means will be discovered to get the free-fire advance server activation code we will definitely be updated.

Free fire Advance Server Registration

You need Free Fire advance server registration in order to join the free-fire advance server to play with your friends.  You can register on the Free fire game portal with your Facebook or Gmail account.

Here is how

  1. First, Visit the official website of free-fire garena
  2. Here you will find the “Login with Facebook” button
  3. You need to log in with the Indonesian server as it is initially available on the Indonesian Server. You can download VPN from the play store
  4. Enter your details name, working email id, and mobile number
  5. After filling all the fields tap on the “Join Now” button
  6. You will be able to access the server.

Free Fire Advance Server Download APK

After registration, the desired APK file will be downloaded on your browser or you can download it on the mobile by clicking on the “Download” button and then install it on your mobile. The players who have got the free-fire advanced server activation code can test the latest updated feature of the game and get free diamonds while playing the game successfully.

However, we have discovered some probable activation codes that may work for you.







The players who are able to play with the activation code can report the glitches, bugs, and other similar errors that are encountered during the gameplay.

So, Try these activation codes and enjoy your favorite Free fire game.

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