What Is Comprehensive Dentistry and How It Can It Help to Maintain Dental Health?

A comprehensive dentist can help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums by detecting any abnormalities and utilizing the latest technologies and materials. A Durango CO comprehensive dentistry also focuses on education to help you stay informed about your oral health. This way, you can prevent and treat dental problems before they become too costly. A comprehensive dentist will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan for your dental needs.

Optimal treatment plans involve more than one dental specialty

For optimal results, a comprehensive dental treatment plan includes the expertise of more than one dental specialty. For example, if you are unhappy with your front teeth, you may be looking for orthodontic treatment, or ceramic restorations. Depending on your condition, this treatment plan can also include a general practitioner.


Comprehensive dentistry is a holistic approach to oral health that treats all points of the oral health continuum. This type of treatment incorporates early detection and prevention of dental disease, while minimizing risk factors and restoring the teeth and oral cavity if needed. The dental team will use the latest technologies and materials for comprehensive dentistry procedures. They will also educate their patients about the importance of oral health.

The first step in preventive dental care is a thorough oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing are essential in removing dental plaque, which can cause cavities, tooth loss, and more complex dental treatment. This preventive care also includes fluoride and sealants. Additionally, diagnostic x-rays are essential in early detection of tumors and decay. They can also help determine tooth positions.

Early detection

Early detection of dental problems is the key to successful treatment and prevention. A comprehensive dental examination conducted by a dentist will identify problems before they get worse. These early detection procedures can prevent tooth loss and expensive treatments. In addition to diagnosing cavities, dentists can also help identify possible diseases. Signs of gum disease include bleeding or swollen gums, pus along the gumline, or teeth that seem to shift.

The concept of comprehensive dentistry is important for a healthy smile and overall health. It includes a range of treatments ranging from cosmetic dentistry to implant dentistry. It may also include procedures that improve the function of the jawbone and the appearance of teeth. As an elite full-service dental practice, Dr. Cooper offers general and cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, and family dentistry.

Restoration of damaged teeth

Restoration of damaged teeth is an important part of comprehensive dentistry. These procedures can not only restore the appearance of a smile, but can also protect your teeth from further damage. These procedures include fillings, crowns, and implants. A comprehensive dentist can recommend the best options for your individual needs.

There are two main types of tooth restoration: direct and indirect. Direct restorations are made at the dentist’s office, while indirect restorations are made in laboratories based on a mold of the patient’s teeth. Once the finished restoration is made, the dentist will place it on the tooth. Inlays and onlays are made from composite resin or metal.

Dental implants are the latest innovation in restorative dentistry. They sit beneath the gum line and act as an artificial root. These are made of surgical-grade titanium and can be placed in the jawbone in a minimally invasive procedure. Over a few months, the titanium cylinder will fuse with the bone and stabilize the implant.

Preventive care

Preventive care is a Durango CO comprehensive dentistry treatment that focuses on preventing the occurrence of dental problems. It includes routine checkups, daily brushing, and flossing. It also includes regular professional cleanings and exams. Many dental insurance plans prioritize preventive care because it is critical to oral health. As a result, these services are often covered 100 percent by the insurer. In addition, these dental services are not considered to be part of the deductible or annual maximum.

The cost savings of preventive dental care are significant. Studies have shown that regular preventive care reduces the use of emergency rooms, oral surgery, and dental-related opioid prescriptions. Preventive care combines dental exams and procedures with counseling and education to help people avoid developing dental problems.

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