What is Disney + Premier Access and how much does it cost?


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Although it came to a crowded streaming scene late, Disney + – Mouse House’s first-class streaming service – quickly stood out from the herd to become a must-have subscription for all Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fans. And now that things are opening up and movies are once again facing theaters, members can take advantage of Disney + Premier Access, which allows viewers to stream new movies Cruel and Black Widow directly from home. Here is how much it will cost you.

A regular Disney + subscription only costs $ 80 a year or $ 8 a month (which is $ 96 a year before taxes) if you want a more flexible monthly plan, which is a pretty solid value considering that this premium streaming service gets you access to everything on the list Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars content. However, Disney + Premier Access is not an add-on to your monthly or annual subscription; instead, it’s a one-time $ 30 fee that gives you quick access to new movie releases before they’re available to all subscribers.

Disney + Premier Access was first introduced with the release Mulan, with Raya and the last dragon another new movie to be made available on the service. Cruel, starring Emma Stone as a classic Turkish-obsessive villain 101 Dalmatians, is scheduled for release on May 28, is next on the list with the new Marvel film Black Widow coming later in the summer. Cruel is pre-orderable until May 27, while Premier Access to Black Widow is in contact on July 9.

When you purchase or pre-order a movie with Disney + Premier Access, you can stream it to your heart’s content right from the comfort of your couch as soon as it hits theaters. You can also re-watch it as many times as you want on any compatible streaming device, as long as your Disney + account is active. Please note that Premier Access is only available to those with a Disney + subscription.

Disney + itself plays $ 80 a year or $ 8 a month, but better value is the Disney Bundle. By signing up for the Disney Bundle, you get access to Disney + together ESPN + and basic Hulu only $ 14 per month, saving 25% on the combined price of these three services. If you already have one or two of these, you can still upgrade to the package and take advantage of the discount. After that, pre-ordering a new movie with Disney Premier Access costs $ 30.

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