What Is So Special About a Moscow Mule Mug?

Are you a cocktail enthusiast?

Well, of course, you are. Otherwise, why would you wander here learning about some exciting facts about a classical American drink, right?

Okay, so let’s get straight to the point. Do you know which timeless drink are we going to talk about? Let’s give you a hint – it consists of spicy ginger beer, classic vodka, and a tiny amount of tangy lime juice.

Still confused? Okay, one more clue, and probably you will get it straight this time. This cocktail drink is served chiefly in stunning copper mugs. Any guesses, now?

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Moscow Mule – one of the most popular vodka cocktails worldwide. This vodka drink has an enormous number of lovers, not just in the United States but all over the world. The combo of the spiciness of ginger beer and the tanginess of lime juice mixed in vodka evolves an unmatched exquisite flavor that can instantly soothe your mind. But what’s the deal with copper mugs?

No, think about it. Wherever you read or hear about this drink, you will learn it is served explicitly in a Moscow Mule mug. But don’t you wonder why mainly copper mugs are used to pour in Moscow Mule?

Well, we know the answer, and probably, you want to know it, too. So, here’s the deal: let’s read this article together and learn about all the facts associated with this deadly combination of Moscow Mule and copper mugs.

The History of Legendary Moscow Mule Cocktail

Don’t worry, although we used the term ‘history’ here, it isn’t going to be boring anyway. We will only talk about the key facts and the reason(s) why copper mugs have become a crucial part of Moscow Mule’s existence.

So, if you have already searched the internet before reading this blog, you might have discovered that there are many stories associated with the origin of Moscow Mule and copper mugs. However, one thing that might be common in all those sources (including this) is that it originated somewhere close to 1941 when two or three down-to-their-luck business owners met at one single point and collaborated.

We can start the story with John Martin, an entrepreneur who purchased Smirnoff, a vodka company in the 1930s. It was a tough call as, at that time, Americans didn’t like vodka that much and preferred sipping beer or whiskey instead.

However, John Morgan, the owner of Cock ‘n’ Bull, a ginger beer manufacturing company, came to his rescue. In fact, they both were each other’s saviors, as the American consumers did not like ginger beer that much as well.

And then came 1941, when both these entrepreneurs with bad experiences met at Morgan’s bar with the same name and decided to promote their products by testing an innovation – mixing both the drinks!

And that’s when the legendary Moscow Mule was born, and you know the rest of the story.

But Wait, From Where, Do the Copper Mugs Come Into the Story?

Now, this part again has different versions of the story. Some people believe that it was Ozaline Schmidt, girlfriend of Morgan, whose family owned a copper mine. Her company had manufactured copper mugs, but like the other two unfortunate entrepreneurs, she couldn’t sell them in a large amount. That’s when the three of them decided to collaborate on their products and that’s how this cocktail got a specific glassware to serve across the world.

According to another account, a Russian immigrant Sophie Berezinski came to Los Angeles with more than 2,000 of her father’s hand-crafted copper mugs in order to find a willing buyer. Luckily, the Cock ‘n’ Bull Bar purchased her entire lot. They served their modern Moscow Mule (at least it was entirely modern at that time) in these copper mugs to make it stand out and distinctive from the other cocktails in the bar.

However, most traditionalists look at this process of serving Moscow Mule into copper mugs as a traditional and historical aspect and prefer following it the same way. Well, different people, different stories!

Are There Any More Reasons for Using Only Copper Mugs?

Okay, enough with the history part. Now, let’s talk about science.

Understandably, copper mugs held a significant value in the past. But why are they still prevalent for serving modern Moscow Mule cocktails?

Well, here’s why:

Copper Knows How to Play with Temperature!

Is anyone from a science background here?

No? Don’t worry. We’ll explain the concept here.

So, copper is well-known for its superb thermal conductivity, due to which a copper mug responds to the temperature of whatever is present inside, keeping it freezing or warm depending on the drink.

When Moscow Mule is inside such mugs, they become cool, forming a cooling sensation while taking a sip. Hence, copper mugs are used to serve Moscow Mules, offering a perfect experience to the people having it.

However, there is one thing that you should know. There are two types of copper mugs in the market: the first type is the traditional ones, having no lining of other metals. The other one is the modern Moscow Mule mugs with a nickel-, tin-or stainless steel-plated lining that is more durable but does not respond to the temperature as the former does. So, if you want an exquisite experience, choose the unlined copper mugs. Otherwise, pick the lined ones if durability is your only priority.

Copper Enhances the Taste of Your Drink!

When the copper mug is cold, it intensifies the fizziness that appeared due to carbonation in Moscow Mules, making the drink more refreshing and aromatic. In fact, as per frequent Moscow Mule drinkers, copper also helps in enhancing the flavor of the tangy lime juice and spicy ginger beer. What more does one want, right?

Want a Perfect Copper Cup for Your Moscow Mule Drink?

Then don’t bother to drive all the way to Walmart or Costco and search the entire glassware aisle to get one. You can simply search for “Moscow Mule cups near me” and find all the suitable options in one click.

Looking for an easier way? Well, then visit the online portal of Artisans Village and get the best-in-range copper Moscow Mule cups at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Open the bottle of vodka, mix the spicy ginger beer, squeeze a little lime, and pour your favorite Moscow Mule into a perfectly designed copper Mug.

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