What is the benefit of using CBSE 12th English Sample Papers?

Preparation is the most important point to achieve your target. The competition around us is increasing fiercely; therefore, you must roll up your sleeves to bring out your best.

In the huge population of India, academic competitions are always higher. To keep yourself ahead of the competition, you must follow an innovative approach and study plan. Solving the sample question paper is an intelligent way to excel in examinations.

The current Class 12 exam preparation trend

In today’s competitive examination scenario, most students go for intensive studies of the subjects like Physics, mathematics, biology & chemistry, which will help them score well in competitive examinations. However, most of them forget about studying English, which results in scoring poor grades in the subject.

It is found that most of the class 12th students ignore English and other humanities subjects, as they believe that English is easy to crack compared to other subjects. However, students must maintain regularity with the subject to get good grades.

The class 12th board examinations are near, and your preparation must primarily focus on practicing numerical and revising topics. Well, in the case of English, you don’t require extensive hard work. A good strategy and a significant amount of practice will do.

In an English examination, a student can frame the answer in multiple ways for a single question. Moreover, mentioning the correct keywords in your answer can help you to secure better marks for the question. The English sample paper class 12 and question banks can help a student score above 90 percent in English.

How Does English Sample Paper Help In Scoring Good Grades?

  • The Sample Paper Keeps You Updated

The examination pattern keeps changing year after year. Anxiety increases among the students when they are unsure about the question pattern. The sample papers keep them updated about the questions that can be asked in examinations. Moreover, students feel more confident and relaxed after knowing the potential questions fairly.

  • Helps In Increasing Your Efficiency

Hard work pays off when done correctly! There are a lot of topics and concepts in the subject, and mastering each within a short period is not feasible. The sample papers offer you a brief idea of the test paper, according to which you can prepare yourself. Besides boosting your performance, it will make you more efficient while appearing for the examination.

  • It helps You To Track Your Performance

The sample papers are an excellent option for tracking your performance in the examinations. While solving the sample papers, you learn about your strengths and the areas that need more preparation. Also, you will get acquainted with the concepts and will be able to solve the questions in a stipulated time.

  • Understanding The Marking Scheme In the Examination

While going through the sample papers, you will get familiar with the marking scheme and weightage of the topic asked in the examination. This will help you to prepare more organized and pay more attention to maximum weightage chapters or topics for fetching more marks.

  • Helps You In Revising The Topics In A Better Way

Many studies have proven that revising the topics or syllabus can help students remember and understand the topics more efficiently. It has been noticed that students who have spent more time on revision perform better. Solving the English sample paper class 12 is a type of revision, as you will encounter all those topics you have studied in the NCERT book. You can also check the lucent English grammar book. This will help you to grasp the topics quickly and remember them in a better way.


The points mentioned above show that going through the English sample paper for class 12 has numerous benefits and helps the student score well in the examinations. Moreover, students can refer to sample question banks featuring a set of sample papers to understand the examination better.



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