What is The Best Competitive Marketing Analysis Tool for PPC Ads?

Most people firmly believe that creativity is the only criteria used to generate compelling PPC ads. This is not a lie! However, acquiring the best competitive analysis tool can greatly help when crafting PPC ads for your business.

There are numerous PPC tools available on Google that you can easily use to analyze competitions with your business competitors. The tools aid in generating insights that are vital when creating marketing analysis tool for PPC ads to enhance the popularity of your business.

This article goes deep into details, analyzing different analysis tools and the reasons why competition is essential for the growth and development of your business. Let’s discuss!

Why is Competitive Analysis Important?

Competitive analysis is a top priority anytime you are operating a PPC account. Also, it is a vital aspect when you intend to establish an independent segment within PPC. The primary importance of the analysis tools is to check into your competitor’s messaging and business targets.

This helps you identify the strides made by your marketing hacks and if you are running on the perfect track within the business industry. You can as well check out if your business competitors are bidding on various keywords that you may have missed out on.

Besides, you can copy your competitors’ target indirectly once you realize it may be vital for your business’s success. The competitive analysis can go deeper to elevate the number of conversations you have with prospects and make them conversions.

Also, competitive analysis helps you identify whether your competitors are gobbling up a big share within your target market audience. Let’s look at the best PPC competitor analysis tools essential for your business’s growth and development.


This is one of the best sites offering lots of information for free. In addition, it has a paid version that comes with a premium version incorporating vital information. iSpionage shows all the keywords used by your business competitor and the ranking information.

Once you subscribe to the paid version, the platform gives you a chance to use your competitors’ information and keywords. You can also combine the data with whatever you are using to develop competitive PPC ads compared to your friends.

Using the iSpionage platform, you can review all the top keywords, ads landing pages, and other applications used by your competitors. The data is essential, especially when evaluating some of the keyword gaps across your business industry.


Spyfu is a popular tool and site used by most PPC business operators. The site presents specific information that is easy to read and comprehend. Due to the specific nature of the feedback generated by Spyfu, most business operators enjoy using it.

The tool gives you the specific keywords used by your competitors and their rank results across the industry. Also, you can review some of the best ad copies by your competitors that have been used within a few days ago.

Note that you can access all the above information using the tool’s free version. With the paid version, you can key in the web address of your competitors, and you can peruse through their estimated number of AdWords used every month.

Also, you can identify some of the top paid competitors and the criteria they are using to secure a remarkable position at the top of the business industry. Note that the premium version of Spyfu gives a 90% access to essential data used by your competitors.

You can access the CPC ranking of your competitors, keywords statistics, and track your marketing information in the long run. This gives you a chance to manage your performance and your close competitors.


KeywordSpy is among the best tools to analyze your PPC competition. The tool mainly focuses on the types of the keywords used by your competitors. It gives you an ample room to peruse through the kinds of keywords ranking highly for your business competitors.

In addition, KeywordSpy gives a clear glimpse of other aspects such as ad copies, domains, and other AdWords used within a specific duration. Besides, the tool provides you with proper suggestions on the keywords and ad combinations that are profitable for your business.

The management system for the tool regularly refreshes to give you factual time information that you can implement for your business success. The platform lists some of the big names across the industries to enable your business to rank highly.

Similar to other competitive analysis tools, KeywordSpy has both a free and paid version depending on your needs. The paid version has tons of fruitful hacks that you can borrow from your competitors and enhance the success of your business.

Search Monitor

Search Monitor is an outstanding tool that can crawl across the web and identify some of the best insights mainly used by your competitors. Apart from offering competitive insights across the industries, it also provides brand protection.

You can use the tool in monitoring the bidding mechanisms used by the developed businesses across the industries. The tool gives room to review competitors’ offer content offer content among other vital insights mainly applied by other companies.

The tool helps gather vital data insights in areas such as keyword bidding, product listings, ad copies, and the PPC benchmarks. Also, it goes further to elaborate detailed information in places such as Search Engine optimization and SERP.

Business brands can use the tool to protect their territories and identify some of the best mechanisms used by successful business brands. The combination of the above information makes it the best from your business’s safety and growth.

Search Monitor is an excellent option for advertisers since it can help them identify the changing trends across the industries. This makes them remain updated and secure a better market for their business success.

Wrapping Up!

The business industry is a competitive sector that requires you to remain outstanding to secure a comprehensive market. The acquisition of the best PPC competitor analysis tool greatly helps get a clear understanding of your competitors. The tools listed above are the best for analyzing your competitor’s struggles.