What is the future of artificial intelligence in the modern world?

“No product is made today, no person moves today; nothing is collected, analyzed, or communicated without some “digital technology”, being an integral part of it. That, in itself, speaks to the overwhelming value of digital technology.” Louis Rosseto

Technical inventions have managed to convince man that these advancements are not going to stop ever now. It is because people are rooting for these inventions and are ever ready to try those advancements out. Every sector has been influenced and has shown prominent progress due to the incorporation of technical inventions in it. From students being able to buy Master dissertation, and writing services from online platforms to teachers improving their teaching methods are all wonders of technology.

Nowadays; technology and artificial intelligence go side by side. They are like the two sides of the same coin that are meant to make human lives easier. AI has been seeped into human lives without them even being able to realize that when it became an important part of life. This post highlights all about Ai and the possibilities that it holds for human beings in the future.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the imitations of human intelligence in machines in order to think and act like human beings. In addition to that; it also includes the operations like problem-solving and decision-making abilities just like human beings do. If you are wondering why people even need some machine to mimic their actions when they are capable of doing it then the answer to this is that human beings are capable of committing errors and are comparatively slower.

It is artificial intelligence that provides precision to your work and helps in meeting the goals of the particular process or company. It is artificial intelligence that eliminates the possibility of human error and makes things done in a rapid manner. For example; AI machines can provide better and faster Fashion Dissertation Topics to students than normal individuals. However; retaining the exclusivity factor is a separate topic of discussion. 

 Current applications of AI in different sectors:

Artificial intelligence has taken many industries by storm, where it has proven itself to become a necessity for not only businesses but also students, to proceed competitively ahead (helpwithdissertation.uk, 2021). Most of the technological inventions are interwoven with the tapestry of artificial intelligence and it has become almost impossible to separate the two. Different sectors and fields are making full use of these machines to improve their workings standards. Following are some of the applications of Ai that are being used currently in different industries and departments of life;

  • AI is being used in the health care sector for précised diagnosis. It enables the provision of précised patterns and then carries out the medical treatments, medical imaging, medical management, and drug discovery.
  • AI is significantly being used in the commerce world as well, especially E-commerce. It is providing such algorithms that help the business increase its reach. The product recommendations that we see on different sites like Amazon are all wonders of AI.
  • AI is being used in the food industry as well in the form of machines like tea-makers, coffee makers, automatic potato peelers, and so on.
  • Prominent changes in the banking and finance sector have also been observed after the incorporation of AI. These changes might vary from the automatic processing of loan applications to recommending investment decisions. 

Similarly; many other such sectors are making full use of artificial intelligence in one way or another.

The future of AI:

“Predicting the future isn’t magic. It is artificial intelligence.”Dave Waters

As people have already accepted AI with open arms so it is quite prominent that many discoveries in the related field are yet to come.  However; it cannot be denied that everything comes with its possible pros and cons; so does AI. The deciding factor is whether its pros balance overweighs the cons side or vice-versa. As Dave Waters said:

“The potential benefits of artificial intelligence are huge, so are the dangers.”

  • Possible benefits of AI in the future:

Scientists, researchers, and marketers are looking for the next step to make data self-aware (Conick, 2017). The following are some of the possible benefits of AI that people will be able to witness in the future;


The work has already started in the making of autonomous cars that will drive on their own. However; it will take some time to perfect the operation.


Virtual nursing assistant monitors and big data analysis are on their way to improve precision and personalize the patient’s experience.


After the invention of digital textbooks; it is the virtual tutors that artificial intelligence is aiming at. These virtual tutors will be able to analyze the students’ behaviors toward the lecture.


Predictive analysis, assembling, and stacking are some of the operations on which AI is working upon. This is gonna help people in the manufacturing industry.


Virtual assistances will be able to make calls to book appointments or hotel rooms just like human beings in the near future as the work is in progress.

  • Possible setbacks of AI in the future:

“Humans should be worried about the threat posed by artificial intelligence.” Bill Gates

The following are some of the possible threats that AI might impose on humans in the near future;

  • The AI applications that are in physical contact with people can affect the safety of the human race; if misused.
  • AI weapons can destroy the whole human race.
  •  A slightly wrong experiment of AI can make machines masters of human beings.


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that AI has become an important part of our lives, if not necessary as yet. However; it is quite possible that AI will be there to take place in almost every field and sector of life. AI comes with its possible advantages and setbacks and now it is up to the people which side they prefer to choose. 


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