What Is The Importance And Benefits Of Play In Curriculum



Children are like lumps of clay. They need to be shaped properly. And education is the best way to shape them. In the childhoods days, their brain develops. Emotion, imagination, creativity skills are developed in their right brain. 

And skills like calculations, analyzation, planning grow in their left brain. and how a child will behave in future depends on what was given to his/her brain at their young age. That’s why right education is important for proper learning. With the help of play based curriculum, this process can be easier. 


It is a process of learning for the children. Where they do some activities under the supervision of teachers which help them to improve their cognitive skills, literacy, numerical ability, problem solving ability and builds self-confidence. There are several benefits of it you need to know before you admit your child to any school.


Play based curriculum is the best way to improve a child’s critical thinking. For example, all the parts of an image are given to a child and he/she has to make the image by placing those parts properly. In this case they will use their left brain to solve the puzzle. And it will improve their problem solving skills. Stem classes for kids have the best teaching methods to make your child develop those skills.

IMPROVE THEIR LANGUAGE: Learning language is also important for the students. At the early age, they may face difficulty in some cases. But, play based education will surely make it easier for them. here they will be told some stories or, they can act in some short dramas. This way they will be able to remember the vocabulary and their speaking and reading ability will also develop. And it will also improve their conversation skills as well.


As a kid, they must not be that much comfortable with their surrounding people. But if they learn through play based education then they get to connect with many other children and they interact with the trained teachers as well. They play together. they discuss about little things with each other when they are given any activity to perform together. This way play based curriculum help them to improve their behaviour and social interaction.


In play based learning they teach them using many different techniques. For example, origami. In this learning they are given a piece of paper and they have to fold it in a way to give it a shape of an animal or flower out of it. And they are taught about making many other things using blocks as well. And it helps to improve their creativity. 


Not only mental growth but also physical growth is important for students. When they learn through playing games, then some games like catch the ball, hopscotch, jumping over obstacles needs both mental and physical ability. This way it helps in the coordination between different organs of the children. That’s why stem classed for kids are very important in their growing stage of life.


At the early stage of life, everything seems to be new to the children. They are at the beginning of the exploration. In play based curriculum they are taught about many different things like drawing using the crayons, solving jigsaw puzzle, singing, dancing, using clays to make different objects, playing with the kits of different profession makes them curious about their surroundings. All those activities motivate them to learn new things and they start to connect with their surroundings.


When the children learn about so many things, they get to know about things around them. the world seems to be more familiar to them. then they don’t feel scared or shy anymore. They get the confidence and that help them to grow properly.


Students are the future of the world. They will lead in the upcoming days. And that’s why they need right education to lead a better life and make a better world. If they are not eligible enough, they won’t be able to solve the problems in their life. So we need to take proper care of every student and provide them the proper education. And we must make sure that every children on earth is getting the right education. 

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