What makes 2022 Acura NSX Type S a Great Sports Car?

From its attractive and bold styling to its remarkable interior, flexible powertrain, and more makes 2022 Acura NSX Types S an excellent sports car to own. It is one of the best in the market as apart from being a sports car, it is practical enough for people to use it for daily activities.

Reach out to Nellis AFB Acura dealership if you want to test drive this automobile or simply looking to get the paperwork done quickly so you can drive it home. However, if you desire, you can take a look at some of this vehicle’s specs.

Flexible and powerful engine

There is some serious power under the hood of 2022 NSX Type S and can outpace several rivals in this category. Its lightning-fast acceleration helps this car to reach 0-60 mph within 3.1 seconds with its hybrid powertrain that allows the engine to deliver 573 ponies. Also, the flexibility of this powertrain is the Quiet mode that is available only when using electric motors to drive. The discretion it can provide is something none of its competitors can provide.

Also, there is a twin-turbocharge V6 3.5L version that comes with 3 electric motors and provides 600 horsepower. The V6 engine along with its dual-clutch automatic 9-speed transmission and a single electric motor combined delivers power to its rear wheels. The remaining 2 motors independently operate to send power to its front wheels, making this vehicle have AWD.

In Sport and Quiet driving mode, its steering is precise and direct along with its light-touch trait makes it easily maneuverable for regular usage. Also, its power-operated electric steering is heavier making this performance-oriented vehicle offer its drivers what they need. Highly responsive to inputs and crisp steering makes it the car to own and drive.

Its EPA rating mileage is 21 mpg in cities and 28 mpg on highways making it one of the most fuel-efficient automobiles in this segment.

Comfortable interior

This everyday sports vehicle provides one of the most comfortable interiors in this category along with an amazing intuitive trait that makes people use it as an everyday car. Also, the cabin feels luxurious enough to compete with its rivals. Some features include faux-suede leather seats, headliner, steering wheel with carbon-fiber trimmings, and more.

The bright leather upholstery is appealing to most especially the younger crowd and gives the interior quite a sophisticated look. Also, seats provided are comfortable enough with ample lumber and thigh support that anyone will appreciate.

To check out its storage cubbies and trunk space along with a few other features, people should visit Nellis AFB Acura showroom.

Price details

There is only one version available for the 2022 Acura NSX Type S model and it is priced at $171,495. If you are looking to buy an everyday driving sports car that is practical and offers everything a sports car would, then you need to get this vehicle as soon as possible. So, just visit a dealership and talk to the sales team to get your hands on this vehicle.

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