What makes 2022 Genesis G70 a Capable Entry-Level Luxury Sedan?

Genesis has been manufacturing luxury sedans that will rival any of its competitors. It is one of the reasons more people are inclined towards buying a Genesis than anything else. The 2022 G70 is a remarkable entry-level luxury sedan that you can purchase by getting in touch with Conshohocken Genesis dealer. If you ask what makes it a capable luxury entry-level luxury sedan, then you should know a little about this vehicle first.

Priced quite reasonably

One of the best aspects of buying a 2022 Genesis G70 is its price tag. It is quite hard to believe that a vehicle of this quality is available at such affordable pricing. The starting price of this car is $38,570; however, this is the base model with a 2.0T engine. Another 2.0T engine model is Prestige, which costs $42,570.

The rest of the trims are 3.3T versions; it starts with Standard version at $43,145, Sport Advance at $47,445, Sport Prestige at $51,445, and Launch Edition at $53,545.

The best trim for you would be the one, which satisfies all the requirements that you have for your luxury sedan vehicle. To enjoy the best of everything, you should simply opt for Sport Prestige or Launch Edition. These two variants have an ample number of features along with such a reasonable price tag.

Powerful performance due to different engine options

One of the reasons for the 2022 Genesis G70 to be such a capable vehicle is due to its potent engine options. Each engine delivers significant power that makes driving this vehicle fun as well as ensures its owners experience utmost reliable performance.

The standard models come with a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. It is paired with an 8-speed automatic and delivers 252 horsepower to its rear wheels; however, AWD is also available as an option.

If an individual is not impressed with this power, he/she can opt for the V6 3.3L engine. This twin-turbo option creates 365-hp and torque of 376 lb-ft. Such a high-power delivery, helps this automobile to reach 0-60mph in a little over 4 seconds.

However, even with such power under the hood, this car offers a balanced and comfortable ride to all. Precise feedback from steering, various drive modes, etc. ensures that this vehicle is considered to be a capable luxury entry-level sedan. When in Conshohocken Genesis dealership, one can get more details about it.

Sophisticated styling

The exterior, as well as its interior, is what can be called classy, royal, sophisticated, etc. The front-end offers a distinct styling, especially the headlights’ design. The mesh grille along with other exterior designs gives a luxury aspect to the car.

The interior is created to match the exterior portion’s luxury aesthetics. From leather seats to stitched surfaces, bright upscale design, and more; ensures that a person will feel the luxuriousness of this vehicle when inside the cabin. In addition, it is quite spacious that helps even large adults to sit comfortably at the back.

Thus, visit a dealership today and check the 2022 Genesis G70 and also take a test drive to experience the feeling this car provides.

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