What material to choose for custom product Boxes?

Among companies that are interested in flourishing on the World Wide Web, shipping and packaging are becoming increasingly prominent topics of discussion. In the last 5 years, this has been evident in the boost that the packaging industry has enjoyed. Getting the right packaging material for the boxed packaged goods that you use for shipping is an essential part of establishing yourself as a competitive website. Below are some ideas:

Printing on the inside of a cardboard mailer box

Boxes made of cardboard are as common as they come. You won’t get damp Goods with these boxes, as they aren’t the strongest. However, these boxes are inexpensive and easy to make. Besides their lightweight nature, they are also easy to carry over short distances. Packaging for retail businesses, promotions for local brands, and PR packages are all possible using these recyclable boxes. However, these boxes should not be used for shipping.

Corrugated boxes for packaged goods

Corrugated boxes are cardboard boxes that tend to be multilayered. This is a high-quality custom product box that suits many businesses’ needs. Boxes usually consist of three layers of cardboard, with one wiggly layer sandwiched between two smooth ones. It gives goods some insulation, and it keeps them safe thanks to its wriggly layers. Cardboard will absorb all the jerks during transport and can also be mishandled by workers. There is no doubt that it is not the most environmentally friendly choice, but it can still be recycled. As well as being sturdy, it keeps goods dry. Corrugated boxes are also very beneficial for PR boxes! Despite the fact that they don’t look the prettiest, they work well. It is simple to fix this problem with effective wrapping techniques.

Plastic boxes for packaged goods

Plastic is a material found in plastic boxes. Because of its affordability and durability, this is a very viable option. A plastic box can be used even when it is raining since plastic is waterproof. Transparent plastic boxes allow you to monitor the movement of goods inside while they are being transported or shipped. These boxes are lighter in weight than cardboard boxes. In addition to their environmental benefits, they can also be more affordable than alternatives such as glass.

High-quality custom rigid boxes

Another type of cardboard box is a rigid box. Compared to the previous two types of cardboard boxes, rigid boxes are the most durable and sturdy packaging boxes available. Due to the high cost of rigid boxes, companies like Rolex, Cartier, Gucci, and Apple typically package their products in custom-made rigid boxes. In addition to being expensive, rigid boxes come with a coating that makes them waterproof, and they can be designed to look very elegant. Furthermore, rigid boxes are biodegradable and reusable. Direct shipping cannot be done with it, however.

High-quality custom wooden boxes

Custom product boxes made of wood are made of a thin layer of wood. Wood is often considered a problematic material due to its weight, which can be quite difficult to carry. , For delicate items like glass, however, wooden product boxes are by far the most durable packaging. Extremely sturdy, and waterproof. These can be used to transport goods over a significant distance. As a matter of fact, wooden boxes are the most suitable packaging option for electronics. Natural wood boxes also look sophisticated and classy. Despite its benefits, it does have a few drawbacks, such as mold growth, and is quite expensive.

Retail boxes of excellent quality

These paperboard cartons are simple but elegant and look gorgeous on any shelf. Printing can be done both on the inside and the outside of the box. You can stand out from your competitors by printing and using the highest quality paper available. We offer four versions of them:


RTE stands for reverse tuck end. There are two flaps in each of the closures, one folding in front, the other folding in back.


STE stands for straight tuck end. Each flap of this box tucks into the back. It produces a smooth and elegant front panel without any raw edges. Since both flaps are back, there is no interference with the front panel. The flaps are simple to assemble, so they save time. The box can be used for many different purposes.


SLBB stands for the snap-lock bottom box. These are most commonly used for closing bottoms. Initially, there are two dust flaps, followed by a small locking panel, and then there is a large locking panel. The tuck top is often attached at the bottom. The SLBB Lock packaging solution is economical for orders with a large volume of shipping items, and it folds fast. These are probably not the most suitable choice if you are packing heavier items.

High-quality Auto-Bottom Lockbox

Tuck-top closures are often combined with this type of closure. The base can be assembled with just a few presses on the corners, with the bottom securely held in place. Fast packet assembly and filling make it ideal for busy production lines. You will save money since this box does not require any tape on the bottom.

Hinged Lid Boxes for packaged goods

Hinged Lid boxes are suitable for packaging a wide range of products. Often the lid will tuck into the box itself, but they can also have locking flaps on the front for additional security. Packaging that is made from high-quality paperboard and printed with high-quality ink always appears exclusive.

 Packaging boxes with roll-end tuck fronts

A box with a hinged lid provides both lateral and front stability. A front panel and lid are secured by two flaps, which keep dirt and dust out. This box offers a high level of presentation value and can be reused. The high quality of RETF boxes makes them ideal for subscription boxes since they give a sense of quality when unpacked. Due to its manual assembly and locking, it may take more time and effort.

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