Whatever happened: Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man


The story of Edgar Wright’s abandoned Ant-Man movie …

what happened to the Edgar-Wright ant

Since its inception in 2008, Marvel Studios has enjoyed an unprecedented box office product that has been hit one after another to make Marvel Cinematic Universes the most productive film series in history.

While there has been a lot of luck along the way, it hasn’t always been sailing with Kevin Feige and the company, and in the latest episode of the video series What happened ?!, Flickering Myth’s EJ Moreno dives into the story behind one of MCU’s biggest-profile unproductive films: Edgar Wright’s Antsman.


Wright’s involvement Antsman precedes not only the MCU but also his early cult favorites Shaun of the Dead and Hot fog, where the British filmmaker first worked in the field of a reshaping superhero in 2003, before becoming one of Marvel Studios ‘earliest awards when he and writing partner Joe Cornish formally signed the film’ s development in 2006.

After spending several years in development hell, Wright’s Antsman found himself designed for the third phase of the MCU before, due to creative differences, the director abruptly left the project and Marvel continued on without him. Here’s EJ’s full story …

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