What’s New for the 2023 Traverse and Other Details

The Traverse is a great vehicle from Chevrolet as it offers great parameters for every aspect. It looks great, performs well, price is reasonable, and more. Hence, this is dubbed by many to be a great car to own irrespective of what other cars you might have in your garage.

Before you visit Lenoir Chevrolet GMC Dealer, you should know what new changes are made to this generation Traverse along with other details. So, take a look below!

What is new for the 2023 Traverse?

After its grand changes in the 2022 generation model, this year Chevy has made some changes to this vehicle to make it better. One of the most exciting changes for many people is the introduction of two new paint jobs – Radiant Red Tintcoat and Sterling Gray Metallic. Also, now this car comes with a steering wrap for better aesthetics instead of its standard option. In addition, you will really like the attractive infotainment system with all sorts of latest technological features.

These are just minor changes that enable this vehicle to go a step upward towards perfection. If you want a car that offers great space and performance capability and has ample space with three-row seating, then you should check out the 2023 Chevy Traverse.


A V6 engine is standard for all Traverse and it offers 310 hp as it is mated with an automatic 9-speed transmission. This unobtrusive gear-changing aspect makes driving this large vehicle quite easy for all. This powertrain helps this vehicle to reach from zero to sixty within 6.8 seconds.

When waiting at a stoplight people have to check its tachometer to ensure it is running; so, it is now understandable why people say it has the quietest cabin in this segment. Also, it has an automatic start/stop feature which is seamless. Even when parking this vehicle or maneuvering in traffic, most drivers won’t realize the size of this car.

Also, its precise steering system allows drivers to navigate this big car easily. In addition, the not so talked about aspect is its tuned suspension; it offers a remarkable balance between ride comfort and handling.

Interior space

The spacious accommodation is what you will have when buying this car. It can seat a maximum of 8 passengers. The interior design and features available will depend on the trim level you purchase. No other car can haul as many carry-ons as this vehicle, making it the king of cargo hauling. Even behind the third row, it can hold 6 carry-ons. If you want to know about its interior more or check out how comfortable you will be inside, then visit Lenoir Chevrolet GMC Dealership.


The lowest cost of a Traverse is $35,916 while the highest one costs $53,396. In between these, there are three more variants available which you can know by contacting a dealer.

These are all the details you need to know about the 2023 Chevrolet Traverse. It is an excellent vehicle that can be used for daily commuting, family chauffeuring, family trips, and more. The enhanced stability and traction control system of this model ensures maximum road safety and safe adventurous road trips. So, book a unit after taking your test ride today.

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