WhatsApp extends the privacy policy deadline; will not suspend accounts on May 15th


It’s been an interesting few months for Facebook-owned WhatsApp. The communication platform announced controversial changes to its privacy policy back in January, which caused an increase in downloads for competitors Signal and Telegram.

It subsequently postponed the deadline for the adoption of the new conditions to 15 May and 2005 reformulated the changes. Now WhatsApp is back and removed the deadline completely.

WhatsApp will not suspend any accounts next week

According to a recent tweet published by Indian press trust (through XDA developers), WhatsApp has decided to scrap the 15 May deadline for its controversial changes to its privacy policy. Importantly, WhatsApp will not begin deleting accounts that do not accept the new privacy policy. The communications platform had previously threatened to suspend accounts that had not accepted the terms by May 15 before they were eventually deleted.

In a brief statement, a WhatsApp spokesman said:

From the statement, it appears that WhatsApp is simply giving its users more time to accept the updated Privacy Policy instead of reverting it. A new deadline for acceptance of the terms is likely to be announced in the coming weeks.


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