WhatsApp is launching a private beta test of multi-device support

So far, using the WhatsApp network on your desktop or another device has required the phone to be switched on and connected, but a new beta test is in progress support for multiple devices without the need for a phone to mix. In June interview, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart and his boss, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, commented on the technical challenge of maintaining end-to-end encryption. With blog post today, Cathcart tells more about what has been done behind the scenes to maintain safety.

WhatsApp’s message architecture.
Photo: Facebook

When an image comparing old and new systems (above) tries to explain in the past, the user’s phone dominated the key, determining its identity and ability to encrypt / decrypt messages. Encrypted synchronization also applies to message history, contact names, and other data, and keys are stored on individual devices.

Initially, the beta will move to a limited group of testers already in WhatsApp’s beta program, while the team says it is working to improve performance and add new features.

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