WhatsApp lets you join group calls after they start


WhatsApp introduces a new feature for connecting calls that allows you to jump to group calls once they start, a Facebook-owned company announced Monday. The new feature means you can join the call with friends and family when you’re done, as if you could do a group zoom or Google Meet call right now. Given WhatsApp’s immense popularity, this can be a useful feature for many people who communicate through a messaging service.

You can get an idea of ​​how the interface for jumping to calls works in the image below – it looks like you just need to tap the join button.

WhatsApp interface for connecting calls.
Photo: WhatsApp

There’s also a new call info screen so you can see who’s currently on call and who has been called but hasn’t joined yet. Connectable calls still encrypted end to end.

The new feature for connecting calls will start on Monday.

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