What’sApp makes it easy to find labels


WhatsApp has strived to make your conversations more expressive than ever. The company seems to be introducing a feature that allows you to search for labels automatically. The app will show you stickers from your library based on what’s written in the chatbox thanks to a smart algorithm.

According to screenshots from WABetaInfo, the sticker icon will appear differently when the application makes a suggestion. You can then tap the icon to see all the suggestions.

Here’s a demo video:

Currently, only built-in labels are supported. However, third-party developers, such as Sticker Maker, are working to make their labels compatible soon, by combining emojis with labels as well. This will be introduced in the form of a software update, which is expected soon.

Of course, you have to wait for the WhatsApp update first to make all this possible. The feature will be available in a future update for iOS and Android WhatsApp apps.

If you’re impatient, you can continue to check the App / Play store as often or turn on automatic app updates in the corresponding app store. This will give you an update before everyone else. Don’t worry about data usage – iOS and Android usually only download updates when they’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, unless otherwise instructed.


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