WhatsApp plans to add account verification by phone


WhatsApp plans to add account verification by phone

Busy days for WhatsApp, guys. A couple of days ago, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed to interview that the company is working on WhatsApp’s multi-level support. It allows users to access their chats on up to four devices.

By WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon offer a new new feature – account verification via call. The current verification method uses a six-digit code that is sent to users via text message.

Apparently WhatsApp is already testing a new feature based on a screenshot received by WABetaInfo. For this feature to work, you must specifically select account verification by phone and give WhatsApp the necessary permissions.

You do not need to answer, the call will end automatically shortly after you connect to your device. However, it is a little worrying that WhatsApp is using your phone’s call log. WABetaInfo explains that this information is not used for any purpose other than comparing older call confirmation information.

The actual implementation schedule for the new feature is not yet known, but it is known that call confirmation only works on Android devices because iOS does not allow apps to access call logs.

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