Which Star Wars planet would make the best home?


From Darth Vader to Master Yoda and from the Millennium Falcon to the Imperial Star Destroyer Star Wars the saga has given us a wealth of iconic characters and ships over the years, but the distant galaxy has also transported fans to an incredible variety of diverse worlds over the past five decades.

Whether it’s sunlight, the dry Tatooine desert, the unforgivable frozen Hoth wasteland, the vibrant city planet of Coruscant, or the CG animation of Naboo, these worlds have served as the backdrop for some of the most memorable scenes in the entire film.

Nonetheless, decades of conflict have destroyed many of these planets, and often in deceptive circumstances – and even more often in deceptive inhabitants – anyone who wants to live in the Star Wars galaxy must certainly do their homework.

Fortunately, online casino Betway has researched which of these planets would make the best home, together Star Wars expert Matt Hudson – Star Wars sessions podcast – explore the pros and cons of the galaxy’s biggest loaders.



Bespin himself is a hospitable gas giant, but a floating gas mining column in Cloud City – the first duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Counterattack of the Empire – home to several million inhabitants, with luxury high-end resorts, cloud service tours, gambling and many other fun social activities.

MATT’S NAME – “Everyone likes themselves and only seems to live at work. It wouldn’t be the most interesting place to live, I would call it more a nursing home. Rating – 7/10. “



The capital of both the Old Republic and the Galactic Empire, Coruscant is an ecumenopoly — a giant, global city that covers the entire planet. Excellent for anyone who enjoys living in a big city, but very limited opportunities for weekend trips from all the hustle and bustle.

MATT’S TAKE – “There are over 1000 levels in this city, and the deeper you go, it’s like descending to hell. If you are rich, you are in luck. If you are not, then it is not the best place to live. Rating – 6/10. “



If Coruscant is a little too hectic for your taste and you’re more into rural life, then Endor’s Forest Moon is definitely worth a look. The home of the Ewok Endor is usually a peaceful and relaxing place – when it doesn’t serve the final battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire against the return of the Jedi.

MATT OTAMA – “If you love nature a little, you live a dream … The biggest cheater is those ewoks. The biggest scam is those Ewoks. They will kill you in cold blood. They are cruel little things. Rating 8/10 ”



In the world’s rugged, frozen idle zone, Hoth is going to be a tough sale to all real estate agents unless their client is a rebel princess in dire need of a remote, almost unfriendly location to locate a secret base away from the empire’s curious gaze.

MATT’S TAKE – “It’s an ice planet, it’s cold. The only place to live is a cave, and wamps like the one that attacked Luke Skywalker are the predator of the tip, so you’re already second in the food chain. Rating 1/10. “



If you’re looking for a nice, (mostly) peaceful place with picturesque scenery, abundant wildlife, and stunning architecture both above and below the sea, yousa can do much worse than Naboo, especially if you hate sand (when the sand is rough and rough and annoying and gets everywhere, everything in Naboo is soft and smooth). Unfortunately, the politicians of the planet do not always have the interests of Naboo at heart.

MATT’S TREATMENT – “It is the home planet of Emperor Palpatine himself, so few people might give it a mocking look because it was the worst human birthplace in the galaxy. But I think the look and feel of the place completely overshadows it. The rating is 10/10. “



The most famous world in the world Star Wars saga, if the universe has a bright center, then Tatooine is the planet from which it is furthest. The sparsely populated, dry desert world, inhabited by all kinds of moisture and villains, should not be traveled lightly. However, there is never a dull moment in this world at the outer edge, and the chances of becoming a whiskey away as a Jedi for training or a galaxy-saving adventure are clearly above average.

MATT’S NAME – “You have to have hard skin, both literally and figuratively, to withstand the weather and also the locals. But if you get your head down and work hard, it’s an honest life. Rating 5/10. “



A peaceful planet with no weapons, Alderaan is a lush and idyllic location known throughout the Star Wars galaxy as the “Planet of Beauty”. The only downside is the truly ruling royal family, which strongly opposes the Galactic Empire and works secretly to defeat the emperor. Make sure you take out a lot of property insurance and often foreign vacations.

MATT’S NAME – “Alderan was considered the most beautiful, most desirable planet in the galaxy. It’s the kind of place everyone would want to live in. However, it was blown up. Rating: 10/10 (before explosion), 0/10 (after explosion). “



Formerly a lush and abundant world before the orbital change warmed its core, Mustafar is a raging, lava-covered volcanic hell that – to make matters worse – takes place not only at the headquarters of the Black Sun criminal organization but also at the home of the Sith Dark Lord Darth Vader himself. Maybe Hoth is not so bad after all…

MATT’S TOTE – “It’s nice and hot and you would have a place for yourself. But Darth Vader’s castle is there, and if he’s there too, you’re dead. Rating 0/10.”



A distant, fog-covered planet covered in forests, swamps and marshes, Dagobah lacks an advanced, intelligent life, and is therefore a great location for anyone looking to escape their past and lie low. It is also incredibly strong with the Force, but prone to flooding, especially during the wet season.

MATT OTAMA – “For me, it would be like going to Amazon – you know the risks when you go there. Would you live on Amazon? No, but I’ll definitely visit. Rating 6/10.”



A jungle planet with stunning views, tropical oceans, coral reefs and golden beaches, Kashyyyk’s Wookiee home world seems to be an ideal place to set up a home, although its strategic importance means the planet is a target whenever a Galactic War begins. However, big-footed hunters are in their infancy.

MATT’S TAKE – “If you get on the good side of Wookie, I think Kashyyyk could be a pretty neat life. If you get to their bad side, you have an entire 8-foot-long, hairy scrap device that tears you to pieces. Rating 7/10. “

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