Who needs Pixel Buds A-series when Google’s regular Pixel Buds are so crazy cheap?


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Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting and eventful day for both technology enthusiasts in general and fans of the real wireless network earbuds especially since May 18 will see the latest (online only) edition Google I / O Conference to begin with Pixel The loop family is likely to get a new member and Apple wants to possibly ruin its rival party by announcing an updated AirPod pair.

In the meantime, though, you can call May 17 a day of awesome audio products, with both AirPods Pro and Google Pixel Buds, released in 2020, costs much less than a normally “certified refurbished” condition.
The second generation Pixel Buds (and the first ones with a real wireless design) are usually available for $ 179 for a pair of brand new, but if you’re in a hurry, you can run a whopping $ 89.01 off the regular price and pay just $ 89.99 without doing any functionality (presumably).
While Best Buy doesn’t explicitly mention the expiration date of this “Geek Squad,” we’re certainly not surprised to see it go at about the same time (or even earlier) than a hot new AirPods Pro campaign from the same reseller.
After all, you don’t have a chance to click on these bad guys for under $ 100 very often, and the last time it happened, The sweat – resistant and very light in – ear headphones ran out of stock pretty quickly.
Back in January, Pixel Buds started at a slightly steeper $ 99 note, and as far as we know, $ 89.99 is the new all-time lowest price for a pair of fully functional Google– Made of genuine wireless “Clearly White” in-ear headphones.
In a way, this absolutely massive rebate essentially cancels out Pixel Buds A series is officially expected tomorrow at a starting price of less than $ 179.
$ 89.99, 2020’s high-end (but no noise-canceling) Pixel Buds are also significantly cheaper than most of our 2021’s most popular selections the best real wireless in-ear headphones crown, which probably makes it much easier to overlook some of the shortcomings highlighted in the in-depth review some time ago. And if you want a black model, it’s deeply reduced from $ 179 to a slightly higher $ 99.99, even in refurbished condition.


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