Why cybersecurity research is now more important than ever


When people think Cyber ​​security they often imagine hackers sitting in dark basements, wearing black hoodies, glued to a computer screen, trying to break into a narrow computer system they’ve never heard of before. What they rarely think is smartphone in their pockets, in smart devices in the home, in medical devices in hospitals, or in the electrical grid, we all need to keep our lives running as they are.

Cyber ​​security is no longer an IT discipline than it could have been 30 years ago. It now touches every aspect of our lives every single day. Some estimate that by 2025, there will be as many as 72 billion connected devices – almost ten times as many people on the planet. Each of these devices is a potential target for which bad actors can jeopardize personal, political, or financial gain. Therefore, it is no surprise that, according to researchers, a cyber attack now occurs every 38 seconds.


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