Why Gemstone Labradorite Jewelry Is Unique And Attractive


A Gemstone Guide to Luxurious Labradorite jewelry With Meaning & Properties. Like many gemstones, feldspar is a mineral, and labradorite is no exception. It belongs to the plagioclase series of minerals and is categorized as an intermediate to calcic mineral. Labradorite possesses a triclinic crustal structure, just as all other members of the mineral family that are plagioclase. There are many different shapes and sizes of labradorite stones, which can appear to be clear, white, or grey in color.

How Does Labradorite Work?

A significant feldspar mineral is labradorite jewelry. Approximately 41% of the continental crust of the earth is made up of feldspar minerals. The word “labradorite” comes from the appearance of the stones, which have a labradorescence. This indicates that these crystals are frequently discovered in thin, tubular shapes. Labradorite stones have been discovered in blue, green, yellow, and brown tones in addition to the white and grey colors that are most frequently seen for these stones.

Some specimens of these crystals have a Schiller effect, and they have a pearly luster. As a result of the stone’s interaction with light, they have a glossy blend of colors. The word “schiller,” which means “to twinkle or shine,” is how the effect got its name in German. The term “aventurescence” refers to the gemological phenomenon in which light refracts off of minute mineral platelets present inside the stone.

Where is Labradorite Found

Paul’s Island is where the labradorite jewelry was first discovered. Northeastern Canada’s Labrador region contains this Island. The indigenous Inuit people have been aware of labradorite crystals for thousands of years. It was just recently found, in the late 18th century, by Moravian missionaries. The stones typically come in stunning hues of grey-green, dark grey, black, or white with streaks of various colors, including peacock blue, copper, and bright green.

Labradorite jewelry stone has been discovered in recent years in Newfoundland, Russia, Ukraine, Madagascar, and Finland. In fact, during the 1940s, Finland saw the discovery of one of the mineral’s rarest varieties. Very few of these have subsequently been found, and they were champagne gold in color.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Labradorite?

The healing powers of the labradorite are all concentrated on opening up your reservoir of imagination, connection, and higher consciousness. The variety of hues that shimmer on the surface serves as a reminder that the stones that are most effective for healing are frequently those that are connected to all the elements. The ground beneath our feet, the rumbling ocean, the vast sky, and the dazzling stars above us. We can overcome the negativity we carry within by using labradorite. It is associated with transformation because of its shifting colors, which open the throat chakra. This aids in our recovery from any illnesses like tonsillitis that are connected to sore throats.

What Is the Stone of Labradorite Used For?

Labradorite is utilized particularly for setting and manifesting intentions because of its long history with magic. As it connects us to our own inner forces, it is one of the most potent stones for crystal healers. In order to manifest without limitations, their bearers can access their own boundless potential with the aid of labradorite crystals.

Although labradorite stones aren’t typically considered among the greatest crystals for promoting sleep, they are claimed to be able to aid in deep sleep and access the dream state. One has to sleep soundly and uninterrupted for sleep to be rejuvenating. Labradorite crystals aid in pleasant, deep sleep by assisting the wearer to enter the dream state.

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