Why to choose STB GT-X Quattro

The set-top box is a small, powerful device that connects to a TV and provides a variety of entertainment options. For example, it can stream content from the internet or providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. The user can also access other features by downloading apps from the app store or just using their set-top boxes as a gaming console for their favorite games. Nowadays, there are many different kinds of IPTV boxes – just to name a few: Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick. They all have different features and specifications but they have one thing in common. They provide entertainment for their users with an easy way of accessing different content sources at home.

We know that we live in a fast-paced world and we’re committed to making your experience with us as easy and convenient as possible. So, Android IPTV Boxes put in the time and technology to purchase and install a set-top box for your TV and internet connection. With the new set-top box, you can save time on multiple devices by at least watching TV on each device.

  • Why Do You Need a Set-Top Box?

What if we told you that there was a set-top box that could replace all of the entertainment equipment in your living room? Imagine being able to watch live UHD TV on demand, stream media from around the world, play video games and even transfer files. That’s exactly what offers—and it’s not just for techies. With a few simple steps, you too can turn your Android device into the ultimate streaming machine or home theatre PC.

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  • What are the Basic Features of a Set-top Box?

In this competitive market, it’s hard for most of us to find the best and most affordable IPTV boxes. It’s nearly impossible for people who don’t know much about technical terms to make an informed decision on what will work best for them. Therefore, many companies offer different content boxes, but we can’t trust every product.

Different companies advertise the features of their TV boxes to earn profit. The reality is that these features are often untrue or not present at all. We’ll go over some of the most crucial aspects of a TV box that you should look for when acquiring one.

  • User-Friendly Design
  • Enough Storage Capacity
  • Fast Processing Capability
  • A Good RAM
  • Easy to understand TV remote and its functions
  • Recording Feature
  • Ultra-high-quality results for best user experience.
  • Dynamic sound for best audio quality
  • How Do You Choose a Set-Top Box That’s Right for You?

Choosing a set-top box is not as easy as it seems. It is because there are many types of boxes available in the market. You need to choose a set-top box that can suit your needs and budget. Therefore, this article will give you the necessary details about choosing a set-top box for you.

Some people have been looking for a way to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on their mobile device or laptop, so they can go anywhere and still be able to enjoy their favorite content. However, not all users have been successful with this technique because of the low bandwidth of their internet connection or other technical issues with streaming services. 

Choosing the best IPTV box services can seem like a daunting task. If you’re not sure which one to choose, start with the basics. Every TV needs at least one set-top box for streaming content. Begin with the most important question: what type of programming do you want to watch?

Do you want to watch premium channels like HBO or Starz, or are you most interested in streaming Netflix? There are different boxes for these different types of programming needs.

Some boxes provide access to hundreds of channels, while others offer a more specialized selection. If it’s too hard to choose based on your current needs, try choosing based on what kind of features you want instead. Some boxes offer more advanced features like 3D video and high-definition resolution, large storage, etc. But some companies offer low-quality services at high prices. So, when you want to buy a set-top box then always research it. 

  • Compare Features

If you want to get your hands on the best TV box, we will recommend you to go with the products of digitaltribe.ae  They make their market repute in less than a few years. Their product quality is beyond the limits. You can get every kind of latest feature in their TV boxes. In addition, their efficient team kept on bringing innovation to their products. So that the users do not get bored by using the same old features.

  • Let’s Begin!

In this article, we are going to compare one of the major features of digitaltribe.ae Product named with the most famous as well as high rate products i.e. Dream TV Mini Ultra HD.

Well, there are many specification differences among all these products. But here we are going to discuss a few of them that are considered as the soul of TV boxes.

  1. Storage Capacity

  2. RAM Efficiency

  3. Accessories

  4. Remote Control Unit

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  • Storage Capacity

Well, TV boxes are not only introduced for watching content. It comes with many different purposes. From that, the first and foremost purpose is to facilitate the people to a great extent. Everyone wants to save his or her time as much as possible. Because time is money. That is why companies introduced their TV boxes with internal storage so that people can save their most favorite content in them. It saves them from searching the particular program repeatedly. They just go to the saved content list and get their content right after clicking. 

digitaltribe.ae is uniquely designed with a highly efficient storage capacity of 32 GB. You can save different programs as well as make a collection of favorite music in it without worrying about the limit. Its users can get their desired content in 4k UHD quality. It means you are content and will be completely saved in it. It also ensures the safety of content as much as time as you want to keep it.

But on the other side, the other two products i.e. Formuler Z+ and Xsarius-Q3 have a storage capacity of 8GB. It means you are restricted to saving a limited amount of content in it. A product having this storage capacity at high rates is a symbol of disappointment especially in this age of technology. Only Dream TV Mini Ultra HD has an average storage capacity of 16GB but it also does not match the perfection of GT-X Quattro.

  • RAM Efficiency

Digitaltribe.ae is a perfect combination of efficiency and excellence. It has a RAM capacity of 4GB that is good enough for performing different functions at the same time. You can download any app or set its features while watching content. The system performs every function well efficiently. This type of RAM is perfect for diminishing the concept of loading apps. You will be free from staring at the TV screen for a long time after getting it.

In this feature, digitaltribe.ae product again ranks on top leaving the other three products behind. Because Xsarius-Q3 and Formuler Z+ join your entertainment mood with only 1GB of RAM. As far as Dream TV Mini Ultra HD is concerned, it also has 2GB of RAM. No doubt, it is better than formuler and Xsarius but surely, you are not going to get the same fun of GT-X Quattro from it.

  • Accessories

Accessories are the most awaited part while discussing a TV box. Because they make a set-top box more amazing and latest. For this feature, let’s talk about the Formuler Z+ first. We all know about its brand and some of us surely have an experience of using their products. When we examine the most necessary part of their box packaging, we found that they are still introducing their boxes without the most essential cable i.e.. Yes, you have heard right. They offer no product for experiencing the sound quality of the box. It means you have to buy it separately. First, you will pay them for a box and secondly, you are bound to pay them for getting a must-have accessory. While the other two products Xsarius-Q3 and Dream TV Mini Ultra HD forget about the manual user while packaging their boxes. Customers have to understand the overall working of TV boxes by themselves.

But you are not going through this mess with the digitaltribe.ae. Because the company packs it by keeping all the little details in mind. The TV box will serve you with an cable for making your watching experience more adventurous with better sound quality. Plus HDMI Cable, Power Adapter, User manual for better customer understanding, and a Remote Control Unit.

  1. Remote Control Unit

Everyone is well aware of the importance of the remote control unit (RCU). Whether it’s a local cable or TV box, its importance remains the same. For those who still don’t understand its specialty, we would like to tell them that your TV is useless with RCU. In this, it should be advanced and latest. None of the brands focus on their RCU except Digital Tribe. 

They offer their product digitaltribe.ae  with the most amazing Remote Control Unit. Its RCU has 16 Dedicated Keys that put all special features on your fingertips. You do not have to go through complicated settings to access any of its main features. Unlike a regular Infrared (IR) RCU, GT-X Quattro’s RCU works perfectly with up to 120-degree wide-angle between the IR Receiver on the Device and RCU IR Emitter. How wonderful it is!

While our other three products including Xsarius-Q3, Formuler Z+, and Dream TV Mini Ultra HD have simple remote control units with many non-function keys. It means they have many buttons but only for physical appearance not for features performance.

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