Willem Dafoe for his “relentless” role in Robert Eggers’ The Northman



After Lighthouse, fans want more madness in the wild opinion of Willem Dafoe and director Robert Eggers, and it looks like they’ll get just that in Eggers ’upcoming new film, Northman.

During a recent interview IndieWire to discuss his new film Siberia, Dafoe offered fans new details about Eggers ’next film.

“It’s a huge movie,” Dafoe said. “It’s a muscular movie. My involvement is nowhere near as extensive as Lighthouse. I’m in a support role, but it was exciting. The level of research and detail exists, but on a much larger scale. During the pandemic, they continued to work and study things to be built, and somehow they did. We gave them time to prepare for this huge increase in budget and production size. The kits are great. “

Starring in the film Heimir the Fool, Dafoe opened up what Heimir is like Northman: “He’s a court figure, but that’s my day job. I have a surprising night job that is a little worse, it is said. “

Robert Eggers Northman is set for the 100th century and stars Alexander Skarsgård as a Viking prince seeking revenge for his father’s murder. Actors also include Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawke and Björk.

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