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Eureka Entertainment has published KARLOFF IN COLOMBIA, six films covering the entire horror icon on Columbia Pictures ’Blu-ray production for the first time in the UK this week, and we have two copies to release! Learn more about how to enter…


One of the most famous faces of horror, Boris Karloff (or simply “KARLOFF,” as he was often billed), has been portrayed in “the horror film of what Fred Astaire was for the musical.” Here are six films he made for Columbia Pictures, a collaboration that produced Karloff’s finest acting roles.

In the Black Room, Karloff plays a dual role as twin brothers in 19th-century Europe. One of the twins inherits the family castle and suddenly the local women start to disappear …

The Man They Could Not Hang, The Man With Nine Lives, Before I Hang, and the Devil’s Commands form a “crazy doctor” cycle, a thematically linked movie series in which Karloff always plays a doctor whose obsessions inevitably lead to murder!

And finally, The Boogie Man Will You You is a lovely parody of the “Mad Doctor” movies, starring both Karloff and Peter Lorre.

Eureka Classics is proud to present all six films debut globally on Blu-ray, this release is also the first time they have been available in home videos in the UK.

The race ends at midnight on Sunday, May 16th. UK readers only. Enter one or more of the following …

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