Win up to $ 20,000 in the Krunker Game Maker competition


Indie developer Yendis Entertainment has announced a new Game Maker contest with their help Krunker game engine, and the grip is $ 50,000. Krunker was launched less than three years ago, and thanks to the easy-to-use and fully customizable FPS, it became a very popular browser game with over 170 million players.


Krunker is a fully customizable FPS with a huge user base. Players can use the game editing tool to create their own games, and it is even possible for content producers to make money with their game with little effort. The best part is that it is so easy to use that no programming experience is required. Games created with the game Krunker the engine is available for play via PC, Mac and mobile platforms.

Yendis Entertainment is offering a $ 50,000 prize pool for the best games produced and submitted Krunker platform before June 15. The most creative broadcasts, those that produce something unique and don’t follow the usual trend of infected, parkour or trade maps, have a better chance of winning one of the following cash prizes.

1st place – 20,000 USD
2nd place – 10,000 USD
3rd place – 8000 USD

In addition, there are numerous awards and prizes for innovative gameplay, best graphics and best overall.

Visit Krunker Now come up with something unique and get your announcement by June 15th. Winners will be announced live after this date.


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