Witcher training isn’t fun at all in The First Trailer Series of The Witcher Season 2


The first trailer Witcher season 2 has arrived, hot Netflix announcement heels that the show will return on December 17, at the opening of WitcherCon. And unlike previous temptations, this is a true, full – length review of the coming season.

Mild spoilers for The Witcher, season 1 ahead

Gerivia of Rivia (Henry Cavill) has commenced an earthquake from where the first season ended. During the second season, they both travel to Kaer Morhen, a mountain fortress of witches where Geralt was trained – and where Ciri goes through similar experiments to become a witch herself. And if the teaser is something over, learning to be a witch is no fun at all.

There are also plenty of shots of Cavill, who collides through the snow, fights monsters, and swords are waving at people – all to a monster hunter orbiting in daytime work.

In addition to the new trailer Netflix also bullied several other pieces news for the upcoming season, including a behind the scenes with Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan their characters Yennefer and Ciri stories from season 2, a review of fans ’favorite bard Jaskier’s new maroon wardrobe, and some mysterious episodes for the second season.

WitcherCon also announced the release date of the upcoming animated film, Witcher: The wolf’s nightmare, coming to Netflix on August 23, and an official announcement a new generation PS5 and Xbox Series X update for Witcher 3: Wild hunting from CD Projekt Red, which arrives for free later this year and brings a DLC inspired by the Netflix show.

Finally, Cavill promised that a new song from Jaskier would come out in the second season – but we have to wait until the show arrives in December to see if the bassard has managed to surpass the meme. “Throw a coin at your witch,” or not.

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