Witcher’s anime spinoff keeps you in the bathtub, but adds to the fun


Perhaps the best known image of the Netflix sample Witcher is Henry Cavill Geraltina, giant shoulders immersed, muttering a brazen “fuck” as he realizes the depth of the problem before him. Geralt roughness is a big part of attractiveness Witcherbecause his down-to-earth nature is unlike many other fantasy stories that are full of royal and long-predicted saviors. He does not want to become a hero; he is just here doing the work. Saving the world seems to be happening, whether he wants to be involved or not.

When it was time to create Witcher: The wolf’s nightmare, a preface in which Geralt ‘s mentor Vesemir, producer and screenwriter Beau DeMayo knew he wanted a completely different character. Video games, books and live show, we have seen a lot Witcher the universe from Geralt’s perspective. It was time for something new – and much less serious. “Geralt grimaces at the problem,” DeMayo says Limit. “Vesemir blinks.”

The wolf’s nightmare is a full-length anime that debuted on Netflix on August 23rd. The animation was handled by Studio Mir – who previously worked on such performances Legend Arrange, Boondocksand Dota: The blood of the dragon – when DeMayo wrote the story. He says he invented the treatment initially while working on Netflix’s live show series Season 1 (DeMayo wrote the third episode) and then formulated The wolf’s nightmarestory at the beginning of season 2. “In many ways, it was like writing the same program twice in two different formats,” he says.

The setting and character of the film were interesting, he says, because Witcher is “at the heart of families and how we pass on what we learn to future generations”. As Geralt’s mentor and father figure, Vesemir was the ideal protagonist. It allowed the team to explore a new period before the show’s events, but also a completely different management. Vesemir and Geralt are both witches, mutant mercenaries who kill monsters in exchange for gold, but their personalities are the complete opposite.

“I thought about my own relationship with my parents and how much of my identity is formed against what my parents are,” DeMayo explains. “So if Geralt is the worst person alive, I thought it made sense for Vesemir to be an extrovert and such a charismatic character. a character seeking pleasure into the same world and we saw how he interacted with it. ”

One of DeMayo’s big changes was the move to a longer format report. In all media Witcher is typically based on episodic storytelling, whether it’s a collection of short stories, a game based on many missions, or a live performance. It fits well with the character, as Geralt is mostly a traveling sword for rent, going to new cities to fight monsters and reluctantly solve problems. It’s often built like a fantasy detective story. It didn’t work in a full-length film.

– It felt like the longest side action Witcher a video game, ”DeMayo says of the process. “Periodically, it’s a little easier, a little further to tell these stories. [points of view] occasionally you usually have one or two characters; here it is a bit more of an entity. I think that’s probably why we have a really big Quest section. It was something that really took on a longer form, and it allowed us to rely on the traditional dark fantasy or just a fantasy idea of ​​an epic mission. The moment of “leaving Shire.” “

There were also benefits to moving to animation. In addition to being able to live in Geralt, Cavill is still a man burdened with small problems such as “gravity.” This made creating action scenes a little more fun in the anime. “You’re not limited by set hours, you’re not within insurance limits, you don’t have to worry about killing an actor,” DeMayo says. Studio Mir director Kwang Il Han emphasizes the much more practical benefits. “The actors had difficulty carrying several swords at the same time [in the live-action show], because they were too heavy, so they only carried one sword at a time, ”he says. “At Anime, we don’t have those restrictions.”

Image: Netflix

DeMayo, a longtime franchise fan, The wolf’s nightmare there was also an opportunity to get really nerdy and answer some questions about witches and their place in the world. In a way, the film serves two purposes. It is meant to attract new fans who may use anime as a starting point, but also satisfy for a long time Witcher enthusiasts with interesting new stuff.

“What [Witcher writer Andrzej Sapkowski] worked well, has he hinted at the background story on things that made you go ‘Ooh, what is it about?’ If you’re a really tough person, you’ll probably go to wiki and Reddit and really fall down from the rabbit hole to figure out these things, ”he says. “And in some cases, there are no answers to these things. I think the preface gives you some answers to the things we all are. Witcher fans wondered for a long time. “

Perhaps the most shocking thing fans will notice about Vesemir is that the gray old man has become a young hottie. “It just happened,” DeMayo says. “I put a steepness in the script, apparently. Because in my mind he was Witcher version of Zorro, and Diego isn’t a bad-looking dude. So I think it was probably my fault. “

But it also means that – as everyone looking at the latest trailer already knows – young Vesemir seems to be at home in another Witcher bath scene. Given how common they have become since the opening period The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I had to ask: was it a condition for everyone now Witcher stories?

“No,” DeMayo says. “I just wanted one.”

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