With iOS 15, you can turn off night mode on your iPhone camera


Apple introduces the option to turn off night mode completely on an iPhone camera on iOS 15. must be used. In iOS 15, you can now change whether the camera remembers that night mode is turned off.

Night mode is often a useful way to take great photos in low light, but sometimes iPhone turns on this mode and you get a picture that’s worse when night mode is on. If you’re someone who wants complete control over their iPhone, 9to5Mac notes You can effectively turn off night mode on iOS 15:

  • Go to settings
  • Select a camera
  • Select the recording settings
  • Change to Night Mode on

This allows your iPhone to keep night mode off if you turn it off. You can still turn night mode back on if you need it, but now you decide to turn it on instead of the iPhone itself.

This is not the only improvement over the iOS 15 camera. Apple does too subtle enhancements to photos by treating green lens flares that may appear in exterior images. Both enhancements are available in the latest public iOS 15 betas and should be visible to iPhone users when iOS 15 is delivered (probably next month).

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