With the new Soundmojis app on Facebook Messenger, you can add instant messages and instant messages to your chats

Facebook adds voice emojis to Facebook Messenger. Name them, of course, on Soundmojis.

To access Soundmoj, tap the emoji button while you’re in a Messenger conversation, tap the sound icon on the right, and then scroll through the list of available options. Just tap the emoji to preview the accompanying sound, then click the Submit button to drop it into the conversation.

Some sounds are expected: a goat emoji gives a blues, while a clapping hands emoji plays applause, for example. But some are musicals, like an hourglass that plays Drake’s “You Only Live Once, That’s the Motto” lyric, and Sun, which plays a clip from Kanye West’s “Good Morning”. And some of the emoji play clips from TV shows and movies: the boxing emoji on the right plays Dominic Toretto’s famous line “I don’t have friends, I got family” Fast and furious 7.

Be sure to check the list of mothers over time. Facebook says it will update it regularly with new sounds.

The news arrives before World Mother’s Day, which is happening every July 17th. And if you want a preview of new mothers who might hit your devices soon, check out the candidate drafts for version Emoji 14.0.

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