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Working methods have changed permanently over the past year. Full-time office work is no longer a reality for many of us – we are more likely to spend a significant portion of our work week at home. This change will affect companies of all sizes. Take, for example, the energy giant BP. It recently reported 25,000 global employees which they can expect work from home two days a week after the pandemic. And it is by no means the only organization that takes such action – the reality for many companies is that they increasingly have to serve a workforce that is permanently divided into home, office and forefront.

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In the midst of this new landscape, many of the benefits that used to be the mainstays of premium schemes are no longer relevant to a large workforce. At the same time, last year’s challenges have faced many HR budgets whose benefits are frozen or cut as companies strive to keep their heads above water. When all of this has to be overcome, HR teams need to rethink how they support people and make their pay quotes work harder. As many already find, the answer is information.

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