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f you would like to be a guest contributor to the Stackify blog please reach out to kgupta1134@gmail.com

Website and blog have more than 1,000,000 visits per month. We strive to offer top-quality content that’s valuable to the developers community. We’re always seeking authors who can provide relevant information with our readers. If you’re a technical writer with abilities and are knowledgeable about the industry of software development We’d love to hear from you.

Take the time to read our guidelines. This will provide you with an understanding of the kind of material, the tone and style we would like to publish.

Writing Best Practices | write for us 

You’re an expert. Let’s see what you can add.

Be part of our community with more than 100 contributors who provide fellow tech enthusiasts with quality content. Our readers visit Stackify bloggers like you for solutions to the latest hot topic issues in the field of technology. They want to be inform, educate and entertained. Here are a few reasons why our contributors prefer to write for our readers:

  • More than 1,000,000 users per month
  • 90,000 backlinks
  • More than 13,000 Keywords are rank in the first place on Google
  • The blog has been feature on 650+ sites.

The most successful blogs generally contain the following guidelines:

Article Title:

  • Include the key word within the subject line (preferably in the title’s first letter)
  • Include keywords like Tutorial Code Examples Tips, Tutorial and lists of numbers
  • Include the benefits they’ll gain from reading the article.
  • Take a to our blogs by clicking here.

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First paragraph:

  • Include the keyword that is the most important
  • Get the attention of readers
  • This is the point of pain.
  • Find the purpose of solving the issue
  • A short teaser of how to fix the issue


  • Make use of short paragraphs, lots of whitespace/bullet points whenever you can.
  • Include a relevant photo or code-relate snippet each 4 to 5 paragraphs to break the text.
  • Include 3-5 internal Stackify Stackify links (relevant pages or posts)
  • External and internal hyperlinks and the anchor text they are strong signals that let Google the subject matter you’re writing about, and the associate content you consider valuable.
  • Include at minimum 2 external links with high domain authority.
  • Make use of the Moz Bar to get authority rankings.
  • Avoid connecting with other APM providers such as New Relic, Datadog, or AppDynamics
  • If you write about programming, be sure to include small snippets of code.
  • Provide industry-specific insights and statistics to support your arguments.
  • Be sure to include the ways in which you think an APM tool, such as Retrace or a dynamic Code Profiler, such as Prefix is able to be integrate to enhance your content. For instance when writing about Kubernetes’ best practices, write about the ways in which Stackify Retrace can be use to enhance speed and performance for your application running on Kubernetes.


  • HemingwayApp Grade level, readability, sentence complexity
  • Grammarly – Spellcheck for steroids
  • Moz Bar Check the authority of the domain and pages.


Make sure to use headings whenever possible. We employ H1, H2, H3 and H4 headings for our articles. Be sure to define these styles. The majority of people take a few minutes to read the initial couple of sentences, then scan websites looking for an article that can address the issue. When they find that header, they dive deeper.

  • H1 It is the title for this article.
  • H2 – The principal parts of this article.
  • H3 – Sub-sections of an H2
  • H4 – Less utilized sub-sections of an H3


Include a royalty-free image that is relate to your article. The image you upload should be 1024×512 pixels. Our favorite sites images are Pixabay along with Unsplash.

Keep in Mind

  • It’s helpful to be able to an grasp of SEO However, it is important to always put the quality of your writing over SEO techniques.
  • Sometimes we edit or make suggestions, but we’ll never share without your approval.

What’s your next move?

Since we have such a huge group of writers and bloggers, we must be discerning about the type of articles we use and what content we aren’t. There are five steps to take to follow to ensure your posts are published on our blog.

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Step One: Email us at kgupta1134@gmail.com and let us know what you’d like to write about and why you think it’s a good fit. It’s always recommended to connect to a article or two from your own blog that’s something you are particularly happy with. (If you’re running blogs, that’s great. It’s not an absolute requirement.)

Step Two: We’ll offer you the topic that best fits the subject you’re looking to write about. We have a vast list of topics that are based on our extensive research into keywords to allow us to select the right topic for your needs.

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Step 3 Step Three: Once we’ve decided on a subject and you have agreed to it, we’ll ask you to submit an outline. We aim for content to be appropriate for our highly technical developers audience and we will ensure that your content is compatible with this.

Step Four: Once you have approved your outline, submit the draft of your essay. We’ll work together to edit any changes that are needed.

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Note: Multiple members of Stackify’s marketing staff review each guest blog post. In some cases, your blog post is reviewed by our development or product team, which may take a little longer. If you’re looking to speed up edits, make sure that your piece is free of grammatical or technical mistakes, and also contains details about our products, Retrace as well as Prefix.

Step Five: After you have approved our edits then we begin the inclusion of your blog on our schedule of publishing. The typical blog publishing schedule is scheduled between two and three months ahead. We’ll schedule your blog post to publish as quickly as we are able to.

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If your article is published we have the right to modify your content for SEO purposes.

Welcome aboard!

A Little Bit About Us


After several unexpected late night code fires we searched for an array of performance management tools that could aid us in putting an end to the. What we discovered revealed what was wrong however, it was not able to provide us with the reason the application were failing, or to keep them running and avoid the possibility of a dumpster fire.

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We therefore developed Retrace and Prefix specifically to solve this. From pre-production to the moment of deployment we believe that when our customers of 1,200 are less occupied with technology, they are more likely to release the technology, and those applications help make the world more enjoyable for us all.

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