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Precious Brady Davis is truly a Renaissance woman. You may recognize her name as the first Trans Bride on TLC Say yes to the Dress, but he was a pioneer for years before that: promoting diversity, LGBTQ rights, environmental law, and more.

An award-winning diversity advocate, communications professional and public speaker, he currently serves as Regional Communications Director at the Sierra Club. He served three years as Deputy Director of Diversity Recruitment Initiatives at Columbia College Chicago. He also served as youth coordinator at the center in Halsted, the largest LGBTQ community center in Western Europe. During Precious’s tenure, he launched a $ 1.6 million CDC HIV prevention grant that provided information, education, youth programming, and testing services to more than 3,000 African American and Hispanic gay, bi, and trans youth. Precious is married to Myles Brady and lives in Hyde Park south of Chicago, where they raise their daughter Zaynia.

For the first time, Precious tells his story in his own words with his debut with his memoir I ALWAYS AM ME which went on sale on July 1st. Listen to the episode here …

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