Xbox games with gold, in July 2021 unveiled


The July Xbox games in gold have been unveiled Alpha planet, Rock of the Times III, Conker: Live & downloaded and Midway Arcade Origins. I look forward to playing Midway Arcade Origins and get to play all the classic old retro arcade games, and from my point of view this is the game of the month. As always, the games are backwards compatible and free for Gold subscribers and Game Pass users.


Team17’s will be available throughout July Alpha planet. This action-level jump takes players to an alien planet where enemies drive them relentlessly. Injured and alone players have to survive in many different environments.

The world of the earth Alpha planet is one that is affected by the day and night cycle, and as players progress, they find that their character has a unique ability to manipulate time. This can be used to the advantage of the character to help them cope with the chasing aliens.

Rock of the times: Make & Break is available July 16 – August 15, and takes players on a Monty Python-type journey from a ball visit to legendary characters. This tower defense game gets players to build defenses and control giant boulders against artificial intelligence in a campaign that covers historical and strange characters or others in multiplayer.

The original Xbox title, available in the first half of the month, is Conker: Live and downloaded. This third-person platformer features a campaign that is basically the latest version of the N64 title, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, but includes enhanced graphics and a multiplayer mode with a variety of game modes, such as Capture the Flag or regular Deathmatch modes.

Finally, Midway Arcade Origins brings us some of the absolute greatest arcade games we produce. This treasure chest of classics includes over 30 different arcade games, including the impressive 720 ° Skateboarding Game, APB (where you play Officer Bob), Defender, Rampage (better than the Dwayne Johnson movie), and the ultimate dungeon exploration game, Gauntlet.

Make sure you get these games when you can, you won’t regret downloading these freeware … especially the latter game.

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